Character » Drill appears in 8 issues.

    Drill is a member of the Power Tools and would come into conflict with Battlestar.

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    Drill would reappear with Buzz-Saw and Jackhammer as members of the Power Tools. The Power Tools would come into conflict with Battlestar when he meets his former business manager named Ethan Thurm inside a cheap motel. Battlestar noticed that Drill and the rest of the Power Tools had augmented strength but was forced to surrender when Jackhammer captured Ethan Thurm. The Power Tools placed their captives inside a van and took them to a warehouse in Los Angeles. Battlestar ended up shackled to adamantium cuffs in a room with other wrestlers including Red Zeppelin. The Power Tools were kidnapping former clients who went through the strength augmentation process provided by the Power Broker and Ethan Thurm was targeted because he had some wrestlers under his employ. Doctor Karl Malus was de-augmenting these subjects to help find a cure for Curtiss Jackson that was muscle bound and forced to wear a power harness. Battlestar's superhuman physique was taken away but he received some help from his partner, the US Agent when he discovered the hidden laboratory. Drill and the rest of the Power Tools engaged the US Agent in battle but they were easily defeated.   

    Powers & Abilities

    Drill has augmented strength and stamina. He also wears a costume equipped with two giant screwdrivers attached to each wrist gauntlet. 

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