Team » Drift appears in 23 issues.

    A special forces team in the Atlantean Army that specializes in undergoing claundestine & espionage missions.

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    The Drift are the elite special forces of Atlantis, serving their king and taking on the most demanding missions.


    The Drift was created by Aquaman writer Geoff Johns.

    Major Story Arcs

    New 52

    Throne of Atlantis

    The Drift first appear during Ocean Master's attack against the surface world in Throne of Atlantis and are led by Tula. After Aquaman become's king, they join him and the Justice League against The Trench.

    Death of a King

    During Scavenger's plan against Atlantis, the Drift help Aquaman investigate and locate Scavenger's fleet of submarines. The Drift later helps Aquaman in his final battle against The Dead King and the forces of Xebel.


    The Drift members Tula, Tempest, Murk and Swatt accompanied Aquaman when he first encountered the invasion by the hidden dimension of Thule and later when he left to investigate on his own. After Siren replaced Mera as regent of Atlantis, the four Drift members questioned what was going on, but finally trusted Aquaman and helped him and Mera to fight their way to Thule and seal the dimension for good.

    Dead Water

    Murk, Swatt, Tempest and Tula accompany Aquaman and Mera at the "Amnest Bay See Festival", where they get hands on experience with the surface world and some much needed down time after the events of Exiled.

    DC Rebirth

    The Drowning

    The Drift's story continues directly from The New 52 to DC Rebirth (as is the Aquaman book).

    During the events of The Drowning Murk leads the Drift in a mission to find out who attacked and sunk the USS Ponchartrain. They complete their objective but are ambushed by US special forces who blame Atlantis for the attack, but easily disengage and evade the surface dwelers.

    Later Murk, representing the Drift, presents his findings to Aquaman and Mera.

    Powers & Equipment

    • The Drift are the elite special forces of Atlantis, and consist of some of their most skilled and powerful members. All Atlanteans possess some degrees of superhuman strength, enhanced durability, enhanced senses and underwater adaptation, but some mebers of the Drift have extra abilities.
    • All normal members of the Drift are superhumanly agile, even more than normal Atlanteans. They can also leap several stories high when leaping out of water.
    • They have access to all Atlantean weaponry and technology.
    • The suit of the normal members of the Drift bears a resemblance to the blue "underwater camo" suit Aquaman wore during the Neil Pozner run in 1986. They also wear a special mask that covers their entire face with red visors and their hands are webbed.
    • The 4 unique members of the Drift are Tula, Murk, Swatt and Tempest.
    • Their leader is Tula, but when she gets promoted to regent of Atlantis, Murk becomes leader.

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