Drew McIntosh

    Character » Drew McIntosh appears in 6 issues.

    Premiere black superhero of Jamaica and star of the Dread and Alive comic book series

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    Born in Kingston Jamaica to Anthropologist Phillip and his wife Zoologist Maria. He was raised from childhood all across Jamaica as his parents moved around. Due to his father he is also a direct descendant of the maroons.

    As a boy he had a timid personality, but moved with the poise and stealth of a cat. He gets the first inkling of his future when a seer from a local market reads his palm. "Many will die because of this boy" she beckons, his future is filled with many trials and tribulations. His future starts unfolding as his father takes him into the heart of the cockpit country when he investigates a string of unresolved and mysterious happenings there. He meets Cuffee and Cudjo while there.

    Major Story Arcs

    As a man Drew is a cultural anthropologist and Eco Warrior. He makes his home in the Haight-Ashbury district of san Francisco with his girlfriend Brandy Savage. Together they work to protect the rights of all living things -Human, animals and the earth. He also comes to the assistance of Casey Forrester and becomes the target of Gryphon.

    Powers and Abilities

     Drew- Lion Protector of Jamaica
    Drew- Lion Protector of Jamaica

    The magic of the medallion gives him feline abilities such as sharp claws and fangs, enhanced senses of hearing, touch, taste and smell. He is an excellent tracker and gains the proportional strength of a lion. When using his powers his eyes also grow yellow and catlike.

    He also has the ability to heal the wounds of others with a touch.


    Drew possesses the sacred Maroon Medallion, which makes him the roaring Lion protector of the animal world to which all humans belong.


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    Known Relatives: Phillip McIntosh (Father, deceased), Maria McIntosh (mother)

    Citizenship: Dual U.S./Jamaican citizenship

    Place of Birth: Kingston

    Marital Status: In a committed relationship with Brandy Savage

    Occupation: Cultural anthropologist, Adventurer and Eco Warrior



    Height: 6'

    Weight: 200 lbs

    Eyes: Brown, glowing yellow when using powers/enraged

    Hair: Dark Brown


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