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Drew Bittner joined WildStorm as an assistant editor in September 1994. His first assignments were editing WETWORKS (starting with issue 4) and BACKLASH (starting with issue 3). He handled the mail columns for several WS titles, including WILDC.A.T.S and STORMWATCH.

In late 1994, Drew worked with Jim Lee to develop a collectible trading card game based on WildStorm's line of comics. Matt Forbeck was brought in to round out the team and the WILDSTORMS! CCG was launched in the summer of 1995. The game received good commentary and pioneered techniques of gameplay that would be incorporated into later card games. Four expansion sets, including a solitaire version, were created; Drew contributed to three of these.

Drew parted ways with WildStorm in May 1996, then joined Activision in Los Angeles as a game tester for the Quality Assurance division. He left Activision to work for Chaos! Comics as first development editor and then as managing editor.

While at Chaos!, Drew co-wrote EVIL ERNIE #0 with Brian Pulido and worked with horror writer Phil Nutman on diverse projects over and above his editorial responsibilities.

The Chaos! tenure was very short-lived.

Drew has been out of the comics industry since 1997 but remains a fan. These days he is happily marries, works for the federal government, and contributes to the BIG MONKEY COMICS website and writes SF/fantasy reviews and interviews for


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