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    Humans of Dressrosa are enslaved as toys! The Tontatta Kingdom is being killed off!! Ace's devil fruit is being offered as a grand prize in the tournament! Only the Strawhat crew can save the day.

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    The Dressrosa Arc is the twenty-seventh story arc in the series and the second and final arc in the Dressrosa Saga of One Piece, continuing from the Punk Hazard Arc.

    The Straw Hats and Trafalgar Law, having formed an alliance and captured Caesar Clown, travel with Kin'emon to Dressrosa; there, in the second stage of their plan, they aim to take down the nation's king, the Shichibukai Donquixote Doflamingo. However, they soon set into motion a series of world-changing events, as their actions interact unexpectedly with those of larger forces at play.

    Dressrosa is the second island the Straw Hats encounter in the New World, although the third island since the timeskip.


    When Ace's devil fruit is taken by Doflamingo and used as a prize in a tournament, it is up to the Strawhat Crew to retrieve it and make sure it doesn't fall into wrong hands. While Luffy goes into the tournament, it is found out that the toys that are so friendly to the citizens of Dressrosa are in fact humans are enslaved by Sugar's devil fruit, and the rest of the Strawhat crew make it their mission to not only save Law but free the toys of their entrapment with the help of the Dwarfs!


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