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Drell evolved on Rakhanna, a dry and arid world in the Milky Way Galaxy. Drell history is mostly unknown before they made contact with the Hanar. Drell had a population boom after their industrial age growing to 11 billion individuals. The Drell had not developed fusion power yet and were starved for resources. About 200 years before Mass Effect the Hanar began evacuating Drell of the planet which lasted for 10 years. About 375,000 Drell made it off world and moved to Kahje while the rest went to war over drops of water and crumbs of food. The Drell that were saved began living in Dome Cities on Kahje's surface and were so grateful to the Hanar that they formed "The Compact". This agreement was honored by many Drell as they served in purposes the Hanar could not like military and assassination. Drell were often trained from a young age by the Hanar. This has lead to a galaxy wide stereotype that Drell are considered subservient to the Hanar, but Drell always have the right to refuse. Most do not however as it is a great honor and the Drell are forever grateful. Drell assassins, saboteurs, and Vanguards are rarely used in open combat, though the Hanar made an exception during the Reaper invasion.


Drell are a reptilian humanoid species from the planet Rakhanna, a dry arid world. Drell are bipedal with a range of blue and green skin tones. Drell are often compared with Asari and humans visually though their reptile bodies make them very different. A Drell's muscle structure is somewhat denser than a human or Asari, meaning that Drell can have momentary feats of strength over them. The hyoid bone in particular allows them to inflate their throats and emit sounds to high for humans to hear. This also makes Drell very hard to strangle.

Drell have a perfect memory that allows them to relive every moment of their lives besides their own birth. This ability evolved so Drell could recall the locations of resources, water supplies, and prey migration routes on the arid world of Rakhanna. This ability while impressive can have consequences. Thane Krios can recall every assassination contract in perfect detail and Thane says that recalling a memory of getting shot feels like actually getting shot.

After relocating to Kahje as a species Drell started living in Dome Cities on the planets surface the number one killer of Drell became Keprel's Syndrome. This syndrome happens when Drell spend too much time in the humid and wet environment and interferes with the lungs ability to produce oxygen in the blood stream. This syndrome eventually spreads to other organs


The Drell don't have a standing military that engages in open warfare. Drell are elected to serve as assassins, saboteurs, adepts, and vanguards for the Hanar.


The Drell are deeply religious by nature and have a polytheistic religion. This religion included at least three gods: Amonkira, Lord of Hunters; Arashu, Goddess of Motherhood and Protection; and Kalahira, Goddess of Oceans and Afterlife. Drell would pray to these deities during various situations. Since moving to Kahje many Drellhave excepted the Hanar's Enkindler religion or the Asari philosophies. These Drell feel that the old ways don't translate well into the galactic community.


Little is known about Drell language except for a few translated terms.

  • drala'fa - the ignored
  • sere - an honorific term for Drell adult males
  • siha - the name of a warrior-angel of the goddess Arashu, used as a term of endearment for someone who can be described as "fierce in wrath" and a "tenacious protector"
  • tu-fira - to be unable to forget someone, "lost in another"

Powers and Abilities

Agility - Drell can be very agile combatants when trained. This compliments their training as assassins for the Hanar.

Biotics - Like most sentient species in the Mass Effect universe, Drell can develop biotic abilities if the infant is exposed to eezo early enough. Drell biotics are about as powerful as a typical human or Turian though less powerful than the average Asari.

Eidetic Memory - Drell have a perfect memory and can recall almost every memory except for their own birth. Drell can slip into these memories at will or due to an outside stimulus. Drell can sometimes get confused and believe their memories are reality.

Strength - Drell have a denser set of muscles than Asari or Humans and have displayed wiry strength. Drell can match strength with most species though aren't strong enough to over power Krogan or Elcor.

Technology - Drell since integrating into the Galactic community have the same level of tech as most Citadel species. Using Omni-Tools as personal computers, Kinetic barrier shields, guns that either require cooldown or thermal clips to operate.

Ultraviolet Vision - While not a natural ability of the Drell, the Hanar developed a genetic procedure to allow the Drell ultraviolet vision to see the luminescence of the Hanar.

Venom - Drell have a mild venom in their skin glands. The venom is mild enough to be served in alcoholic drinks.


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