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Dreamweaver was created by Jack Herman and Jeff Dee and first appeared in publication in V&V RPG Adventure: Crisis at Crusaders Citadel. The RPG boxed set was published by Fantasy Games Unlimited in 1982. Some years later this RPG first adventure was used as the basis of a Villains and Vigilantes comic book mini-series by Dee and Herman published by Eclipse Comics in 1986.


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The young woman named Donna Weston was a college student who was participating in a deep sleep research. She understood the experiments and joined in as a volunteer her scientific curiosity taking hold. During the experiment Donna found her subconscious propelled into the apparent dream dimension when the electronic monitoring equipment had a mysterious power surge. Lost within her psyche she aroused the anger of her own dreams and was mentally attacked by them. By remaining passive she was able to absorb the dream's mental energy into herself. When Donna was awakened by the studies technicians, she soon discovered herself to be changed forever. Now having the ability to become unseen and to move objects about with only thought, Donna's mind could also create extremely realistic images of dream impressions or practically anything else at will.

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Using her ability to save her best friend when she was attacked by a mugger, Donna quickly realized that her powers should not be exploited and should be used to help others as she had for her friend. Donna came up with a costume and an inspired name, Dreamweaver, keeping her real identity secret and her face hidden behind a whole face mask. Only she and her best friend, psychology student Lynda Turner, know who the woman behind the mask of the heroine Dreamweaver really is.

Sometime after coming into the hero scene in Indianapolis Dreamweaver met Manta Man and the rest of the Crusaders and joined their ranks as their resident mentalist. During her time with the Crusaders she also picked up a substantial amount of legal knowledge. Since becoming co-director of the Crusaders Reserve Team, she has developed a fair amount of leadership talents.


Marital Status: Single

Known Relatives: None

Base of Operations: Center City

Height: 5’6” Weight: 113 lbs Age: 21

Eyes: Blue Hair: Blonde


Dreamweaver is a young woman of small toned stature who engages in moderate exercise. Her costume which she wears while on duty is a full white bathing suit with shoulder pads, a yellow belt and buckle, blue long sleeved gloves and thigh high boots which are both paneled with yellow padding. She also wears a full face mask with only her hair out of it.

Powers and Abilities

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Dreamweaver has the power of mind over matter, and than some. After her experiment she has been granted the mental abilities of illusion casting, invisibility, and telekinesis. Dreamweaver's favorite trick is to move invisibly among her opponents, creating minor illusions her and there to create confusion, and to use her Telekinesis to knock over this, undo that, and so on.


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