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    Dreamqueen is the ruler of Liveworld, a dream dimension. She is also the daughter of Nightmare.

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    Dreamqueen is the daughter of Nightmare and a succubus named Zhilla Char. Her mother died during her birth and as a result Dreamqueen gained all of her memories. Ruling a portion of the Nightmare World she seeks to gain control of all of it. She once defeated Alpha Flight only to have Puck save them. She is over 800 years old.  


    Dreamqueen is a Marvel comics character and was created by writer Bill Mantlo and and artist Jim Lee and she first appears in Alpha Flight #56.  

    Powers and Abilities

    Dreamqueen is an extremely powerful succubus. in her Liveworld dimension she can even rewrite reality and transmute matter.  She can also fly, teleport and possesses offensive energy attacks. Away from Liveworld she is much more limited and can only induce hallucinations in victims and foes. 


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