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    Tiamut The Dreaming Celestial, exiled to Earth by his fellow Celestials, has had interactions with both Mutants and Eternals influencing their development.

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    Tiamut is assaulted, betrayed and eventually imprisoned by the other celestials
    Tiamut is assaulted, betrayed and eventually imprisoned by the other celestials

    The Dreaming Celestial rebelled against the members of the Second Host and was sentenced by the Celestials as "against life itself". The Celestials punished Tiamut by exiling Tiamut onto Earth and be placed in sleep forever. The Celestials used their powers and tore Tiamut's soul from his power armor and placed it in a device called "The Vial". "The Vial" was then placed in the Diablo Mountains and the Celestials used a portion of Tiamut's power and soul to lock the device which kept Tiamut asleep for eons. The Deviant Ghaur eventually discovers Tiamut the Dreamer's prison and drinks a liquid which contains Tiamut's soul inside it. The liquid made Ghaur a god who possessed powers on a scale with a Celestial. Tiamut mentally gained control over the actions of Ghaur and used Ghaur to liberate Tiamut himself from his captivity. Tiamut breaks free from "the Vial" but is sealed back into "the Vial" with the thanks of the Avengers and the Eternals.


    The Celestial the Dreaming Celestial is a Marvel comics book character created by Jack Kirby first appearing in The Eternals #7 released in 1977. The Celestials first appear in The Eternals #2, written by artist writer Jack Kirby. They bear some semblance to Erich von Däniken ideas of giant space gods whose tampering with humanity lead to technological advancement.

    Character Evolution

    More than any other Celestial The Dreaming Celestial has developed the most with several story arcs highlighting and demonstrating aspects of the character that are designed to distinguish him from his fellow Celestials. Physically the Celestial is modified to represent his fall from grace as is the characters official title change from the Communicator to the Dreaming Celestial.

    Major Story Arcs

    Heroes Reborn

    Tiamut finds a small hole in his prison and escapes from "The Vial". Tiamut finds himself in an alternate version of Earth and tries to leave the alternate version. Tiamut soon learns about Ashema and captures her and forces her to create a portal to Earth-616. Doctor Doom and the other heroes then stop Tiamut from seizing power and prevents Tiamut's plans from happening. Tiamut for some strange reason changed it's views about Earth and prevented Earth from pure destruction. Tiamut then used his old Celestial methods and judged Earth's beings. Tiamut now uses a prophet called Makkari to spread his word to the living things on Earth.

    Second Host

    It has since been revealed that it was not Tiamut that rebelled against the Second Host, but the Second Host that rebelled against him. Jealous of his position, Arishem led his fellows in a Coup, desiring more power for himself. After learning Arishem is a traitor to their race Tiamut attempts to discharge Arishem and assume command. Their battle shook the Earth to it's core, changing the face of the very planet itself. Eson, Tefral, Hargen and Nezarr were Arishem's faithful accomplices. They plan to harness Earth's power to become strong enough to dominate and rule the universe unopposed. Having successfully tricked the others into believing Tiamut was the traitor, The Celestials seal the so-called renegade inside of a mountain in the Diablo Mountain Range. Leading the Dreaming Celestial to the position he is currently in.

    The Horde

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    Following a confrontation with The Horde, who had been planning to destroy Earth, Tiamut began to question The Fulcrum's (the mysterious force which the Celestials, the Horde, and the Watchers apparently serve) actions and by doing so broke the bond which made him a tool of The Fulcrum. As the battle with the Horde rages on, Tiamut once again appeals to the Fulcrum, or "Jack the Bartender" as he was known in the Vestibule (a dimension that sits in-between the realm of Lacuna or "Afterlife" and Earth-616).

    The Fulcrum told Tiamut of how he had spent countless ages watching Celestials and other cosmic beings evolve into something greater but said that Tiamut was the only one to have ever truly questioned whether The Fulcrum was doing the right thing or not. As a result Tiamut has ascended into something more than just a Celestial. Something Fulcrum simply refers to as "an Individual", one who has become The Fulcrum's equal in every aspect. The Fulcrum then tells Tiamut of how he has been looking for a Companion. Someone to travel and explore places with, that up until now only he has been able to access, and asks Tiamut if he will come with him. It is implied that Tiamut took his offer.

    San Francisco


    The Dreaming Celestial still lies dormant in San Francisco and the government agency SWORD becomes aware of power fluctuations coming from the silent, motionless Celestial. Agent Brand of SWORD contacts the X-Men team led under Cyclops residing near San Francisco to investigate the cause of the concern. Cyclops and his Extinction Team consisting of Namor, Magneto, Colossus, Emma Frost, Hope, Magik and Danger head towards the Dreaming Celestial where nothing seems out of the ordinary. That quickly changes however when the Dreaming Celestials head launches projecting itself off its own shoulders to hover in the air slowly transforming to resemble the visage of Nathaniel Essex otherwise known as Mister Sinister. It is revealed that Sinister has retrofitted the Dreaming Celestial to take advantage of its massive power and abilities, though it is not known whether the Dreaming Celestial was aware of Sinisters machinations and manipulations. While Magneto holds the Celestials body in place the X-Men battle Mr Sinister who has used the power of the Celestial to transform a part of San Francisco into a Victorian themed city populated with dozens and dozens of clones that resemble him. The X-Men eventually succeed against Mr Sinister with the Dreaming Celestials head reappearing on its body, however in the interim many Celestials have arrived at Earth aware that one of their own had been tampered with grossly. Arishem the Judge, Gammenon the Gatherer, Oneg The Prober among other Celestials would stand next to the Dreaming Celestial defensively. Cyclops would appeal to the Celestials explaining Sinister's plan and defeat. Ultimately the Dreaming Celestial would motion to his fellow Celestials which would prompt them to leave the planet.


    After contacting Dark Beast in a desperate bid to find a way home, the Nightcrawler of Earth-295 tapped into The Dreaming Celestials power and used it to open a portal between Earth-616 and Earth-295. In doing so, however, they tore a hole in the fabric of time and space open and unleashed three energy consuming entities who had been locked away in the space between spaces countless ages ago upon the Multiverse. One of these creatures remained in San Francisco of Earth-616 and engaged The Dreaming Celestial in a full-on battle.

    However, when the tables began to turn on The Dreaming Celestial and he realized that he could not defeat this being on his own, he knocked the creature down and tried to flee Earth, but before he could he was ensnared in ribbons of dark energy that pulled him back down and tore his armor apart, allowing the creature to devour his soul and acquire his immense power. Though the creature was eventually destroyed, The Dreaming Celestial never returned from Death's embrace.

    Powers and Abilities

    The Dreaming Celestial like many of the Celestials is an extremely powerful god like being, possessing incalculable levels of strength, durability, speed and energy projection. Enormous in stature, up to 2000 feet in height, they possess the ability to manipulate reality, control vast levels of energy and rearrange matter up to an unknown degree They can teleport themselves or vast objects across vast distances. In the rare occurrence that they may be harmed they will regenerate near instantaneously. Capable of withstanding earth shattering blows and greater, easily withstand nuclear bomb level blasts and explosions. Celestials also possess the ability to generate energy blasts that are of an earth shattering level and higher. There is an unknown connection between the Celestials and Hyperspace. It is possible that Hyperspace is the origin of the Celestials vast powers. The Dreaming Celestial appears to have transcended typical Celestial state of being recently and may have more power and authority than any other known Celestial.

    Physical Characteristics

    Height: 2000' 0"

    Weight: Varies

    Hair: None

    Eyes: None

    Alternate Version

    The Black Celestial
    The Black Celestial

    Once while traveling across time and space in an attempt to get back to Earth-616 the Fantastic Four, Thor, Iron Man and She-Thing (along with a disembodied Nebula who was inhabiting Johnny Storm's body) they ended up in an alternate future where shortly after Dr. Strange's Images of Ikonn spell caused Galactus to go into cardiac arrest he was quickly apprehended by an evil incarnation of Tiamut before Reed Richards had a chance to save him and then used his Celestial abilities to turn Galactus into a gargantuan Universe-devouring weapon which made use of both Celestial Technology and an artificially constructed Black Hole through which the Devourer could consume entire galaxies at a time.

    When the Shi'ar discovered the overgrown Galactus consuming everything in sight, Empress Lilandra dispatched the whole Shi'ar Armada to deal with the crisis. At the same time of their arrival, The Fantastic Four and their allies had already come across Galactus and were in the midst of trying to figure out what exactly was going on. It was then that Tiamut made his presence known to both the Shi'ar Armada and the Earth-616 travelers. With a mere thought he teleported the whole Shi'ar Armada into the Black Hole with the exception of a vessel being commandeered by Gladiator of the Imperial Guard.

    After some discussion Iron Man immediately realized that he had encountered Tiamut before or rather his Earth-616 counterpart when Tiamut's soul tried forcing the Deviant Priestlord Ghaur into freeing him from his imprisonment. With that knowledge at their disposal Iron Man and the others made their way to Tiamut's former prison in the Diablo Mountains only to discover that it was now being used as a base by The Deviants who were to become Tiamut's Seraphim once the new reality was birthed into existence. Not only that but they also learned that Tiamut was still very weak from centuries of sleeping and was relying on the base to feed him the power needed to go about this endeavor without the possibility of defeat.

    It was not long before Tiamut realized where the Earth-616 heroes were and began making his way back to Earth. Gladiator and Thor realized the only way to successfully destroy the base was to throw the Shi'ar warship while moving at super-sonic speeds. Though Reed tried to convince them not to since Susan was still within the base and being held hostage by Nebula, Gladiator and the others could not afford to take any chances and just as Tiamut arrived Gladiator sacrificed himself by slamming the ship into the mountain range, thus obliterating the whole base and a majority of Tiamut's power. Reed was furious and began lashing out at everyone until finally focusing all of that rage on Tiamut, who was the one who had set the events leading up to Susan's death into motion.

    Reed yelled at Tiamut as loud as he possibly could so the monolithic titian would hear his rage. Reed began threatning to go back to the exact moment when Arishem and the others imprisoned him and would tell them of what was happening in the future so that they would put Tiamut down like the dog he is. Upon hearing this the once stoic and uncaring renegade Celestial went completely insane and began desperately chasing after the timesled as Reed took it through every time period imaginable. Reed then took them back to the present with Tiamut following closely behind and began diving straight down towards the Black Hole feeding Galactus.

    Just when it seemed that Reed was going to get everyone killed he called out to Thor and had him use Mjolnir to teleport the timesled out of the way. Thor immediately came to the conclusion that Reed had been setting Tiamut up into a trap and did so as fast as possible. While the Earth-616 heroes averted becoming food for Galactus, Tiamut was not so lucky. Without the extra power from his base Tiamut was unable to teleport out of the way and dived headfirst into the Black Hole and was turned into nourishment for Galactus.


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