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    Nia Nal uses her prophetic dreams and Dream Energy to prevent disaster before it happens as the crime-fighting superhero Dreamer.

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    Nia Nal/Dreamer was created for the Arrowverse series Supergirl, debuting in it's fourth season and was the first transgender superhero on television. Based on and depicted as the 21st century ancestor of Nura Nal/Dream Girl, Dreamer was conceived by executive producer Greg Berlanti, as well as showrunners Robert Rovner and Jessica Queller.

    In February 2020, Dreamer's actress Nicole Maines approached DC about bringing the character to the comic book universe, allowing Nia to live on beyond the Supergirl series. This led to Maines writing Bad Dream: A Dreamer Story, a graphic novel which depicts Nia's main continuity origin releasing in April 2024, as well as being involved in all of the character's major comic appearances.



    Nia Nal was raised in a small town called Parthas, where humans and aliens peacefully co-existed. Nia's mother Isabel came to Earth from the planet Naltor and possessed the power to dream the future. This ability is passed down the matrilineal line, allowing one daughter per generation to inherit the gift.

    It was believed that Nia's older sister Maeve would be the next Dreamer, which led to Maeve dedicating her life to studying and preparing for the powers. Nia thought of herself as just a supporting player in Maeve's story until she was fifteen, when a schoolyard incident led to her manifesting the powers instead.

    Wanting to protect her sister from the truth, Nia kept this a secret from her family. Upon discovering the truth, Maeve was consumed by jealousy and rejected Nia's identity as a trans woman. It was also around this time that their mother passed away, which Nia blamed herself for.

    Despite what she had been through however, Nia vowed to honor her mother and embraced her identity as the Dreamer.

    Siege of Gamorra

    After seeing a vision of Henry Bendix killing many of the world's greatest heroes, Dreamer travelled to the Fortress of Solitude to warn the current Superman, Jon Kent. Having met her future descendant Nura Nal, Jon passed onto Nia a pair of gauntlets Nura made to help her channel Dream Energy. Nia also informed Jon that his father, the original Superman, would be returning.

    Dreamer's warning of what Bendix will do caused Jon and Jay Nakamura to take the fight to him on his home turf of Gamorra, with the help of Dreamer and The Revolutionaries. While there, Dreamer's visions helped Jon prevent Bendix's energy weapon Skywatch from destroying Gamorra and everyone on it.

    Lazarus Planet

    While being offered a job at the Daily Planet by Cat Grant, Nia (who's now had her powers for almost three years) found herself experiencing a vision of Doctor Fate's helmet and travelled to the Hall of Justice as Dreamer to converse with Robin, Supergirl and Batman.

    Together, they came to the conclusion that finding the Helmet of Fate was their best chance of defeating Devil Nezha. After failing to obtain the helmet's location from the current Doctor Fate, Khalid Nassour, through his dreams, Dreamer was guided to the Helmet of Fate in the Dreaming by a mysterious voice which told her that "Fate itself flows through you".

    Once Dreamer found the Helmet of Fate, she decided to return it to the Hall of Justice and allow the heroes to use it to combat Devil Nezha. However, upon emerging through it, Dreamer discovered that it had been submerged in the Lazarus Pits on Lazarus Island. Thus Dreamer herself has now been exposed to Lazarus resin.

    Knight Terrors

    When much of Earth's population was plagued by their worst nightmares, this superhero who's powers revolve around dreams was apparently nowhere to be found.

    Powers and Abilities

    Nia's powers are based around dreams. She is able to dream the future, astral-project, channel the Dreaming into energy and use it to create constructs. Nia can also travel to and from the Dreaming physically, bring elements from the Dreaming into reality, and travel through others' dreams.

    Additionally, Nia is skilled in combat and has occasionally been known to use gadgets outside of the gauntlets which help her channel Dream Energy.

    Personal Information

    • Height: 5'7"
    • Eye Color: Brown
    • Hair Color: Brown
    • Species: Half-Human, Half-Naltorian
    • Known Relatives: Paul Nal (father), Isabel Nal (mother), Maeve Nal (sister), Nura Nal (descendent), Mysa Nal (descendent)
    • Base of Operations: Washington D.C.
    • Occupation: Superhero

    Other Versions


    Nia was introduced as a new reporter at CatCo Worldwide Media and became mentored by Kara Danvers. After being caught falling asleep at work on numerous occasions, Nia said that she had narcolepsy before eventually confiding in Kara that her family was from Naltor and that she could dream the future.

    After her mother's death and Maeve's betrayal, Kara wanted Nia to know she wasn't alone and revealed to her that she's Supergirl. Kara and Brainiac-5 helped Nia accept her destiny as Dreamer and allowed her to join the Super-Friends.

    Brainy trained Nia and built her gauntlets to help harness Dream Energy. Soon, Nia and Brainy started dating before this was complicated by Brainy removing his personality inhibitors and working with Lex Luthor to stop Leviation. Eventually the pair resolved their issues however and worked together to retrieve a sample of Kara's DNA from Midvale in 2009 so they and the rest of the Super-Friends could rescue her from the Phantom Zone.

    Some time later, Nia gave into her desires to see her mother again and released Nyxly from the Dream Realm in exchange for one more day with her. During this day, Isabel helped Nia understand and accept her powers, in addition to making her realise that she has to confront Maeve.

    This confrontation happened some time later when Nia needed Maeve's help to find the Dream Totem. They journeyed into the Dream Realm to find it, but upon doing so Maeve attempted to take it for herself. This led to an argument where Nia finally stood up for herself and truly embraced her identity as the Dreamer. Later, Maeve asked Nia for forgiveness, which was denied but Nia did offer her a second chance to make things right between them.

    Two years later, while trying to take her powers to the next level, Nia found them being taken away by a mysterious hooded figure and experienced a vision of Iris West-Allen being murdered.

    Nia travelled to Central City to converse with Iris and revealed to her that she's a career role model. Nia and Iris were soon confronted by the hooded figure and trapped in Iris' dreams. There, they witnessed Iris' alternate futures while the hooded figure pursued them.

    Eventually, Nia realised that the hooded figure was actually guiding them and that in order to restore and advance her powers, she had to stop trying to control them. The hooded figure revealed herself to be Nia's ancestor and the first Dreamer, who returned Nia's powers and allowed her and Iris to wake up.

    Nia's ancestor would go on to teach her more ways of utilising her abilities. It has also been eluded to that Nia and Brainy will get married and that Dreamer will start an LGBTQ+ Centre.


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