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    A group of dreamers around the globe altered by the divine energies of the Cosmic Egg. Briefly served as the Dark Trinity's servants, and later broke off to pursue their own goals.

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    Enigma, one of the founders of the team known as the Dark Trinity, faced the question of how to build a super team to strengthen his own chances of godhood. He settled on using the resonance of the waves of power the Cosmic Egg emitted routinely and tune them in with dreams of power around the globe. Four dreamers were selected and drawn to the power of the Egg. Hemi Kiwara, a tattoist covering his body in Maori ritual bindings, Primat, a daydreaming denizen of Gorilla City and a romance novel devout, Michael Cannefick, a mind-addled junkie driven to perpetual confusion in his empty state, and a mysterious, deceased person, were hit by mystical lightning and drawn to Castle Branek in Romania. Encased in crystal shells, they were soaked in the power of the Egg, and hatched out as new, powerful beings, calling themselves the Dreambound:

    • Kiwara became Sun-Chained-in-Ink, a literal flaming sun bound to Hemi's body by the ritual bindings; he acquired the capabilities of a sun, including radiation, light, gravity and heat control.
    • Primat apparently experienced only an increase in strength, and was dressed in a white corset, ribbons in her head, and armored gauntlets.
    • Cannefick became the Trans-Volitional Man, a powerful reality-manipulator capable of shifting reality to match his perceptions, with powers as intangibility and teleportation.
    • The unnamed member became Swashbuckler, a highly-trained black ops agent wielding lightsabers capable of rivalling even Nightwing in open combat. Furthermore, he retained or acquired a greater sense of reality than the others, even remembering he was supposed to be dead before the creation of the Dreambound.

    The Dreambound's first mission was to retrieve nine objects of power to triangulate the mystical power of Morgaine Le Fey through filters that allowed the Dark Trinity to absorb the powers of the Trinity; during this mission, Sun-Chained-in-Ink was apparently destroyed by an ill-thought attack by Hawkman, which destroyed the control tattoos and resulted in the release of the sun within. After the reorganization of reality by their masters, the Dreambound appeared in a JSI detainment center in Cuba. T.V.M. awoke from his addled state and restored Swashbuckler and Primat; as a replacement for Hemi, he used the new Tattooed Man's powers to turn him into a new Sun-Chained-in-Ink. Before they could escape, however, they were rerecruited by Morgaine to gather her new supervillain army, the Dark Arcana.

    While at this task, the Dreambound realized the new Sun-Chained-in-Ink was not the perfect replacement due to his temperamental and judgmental streak. Instead, after their second mission was complete, they were mostly overlooked by their superiors. They alienated the former Tattooed Man (not that he resented it) and instead bonded with the alien Konvikt and S.P.H.E.R.E., Enigma's mysterious technological orb; they were not aware that the device was controlled by the innocent soul of Enigma's daughter. They detected the Atom within the supervillain base, and plotted with him to bring down their superiors; however, the Atom was powerless to transmit information to the JSI because of the base's mystical shields. S.P.H.E.R.E. discovered the conversation and teleported the Atom to the JSI HQ to implement his knowledge into the plan to defeat Morgaine, cementing her connection to the Dreambound. Later, as Morgaine's plan started to crumble, Hemi appeared from within the new Sun-Chained-in-Ink, severing his connection to the power and restoring the original Sun-Chained-in-Ink. The Dreambound escaped as a massive alien attack led by Despero and the Crime Syndicate of Amerika tore apart the Dark Arcana's ranks, though they felt guilty about leaving S.P.H.E.R.E. behind.

    The team would again return, convincing Konvikt to fight against Morgaine's final attempt at godhood, and were defeated. However, Hemi was used in a ritual to bind Krona, Morgaine's unwitting power source, and was lost as Krona used his powers to destroy Earth. He landed in New Zealand in the restructuring of Earth, and was promptly rescued by his team. Afterwards, the Dreambound were submitted for trial, but with Earth's defenders willingly declaring they were under Morgaine's control, they were soon released to continue dreaming and living throughout Earth.

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