Dream Weaver

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    Magic User that can alter reality

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    Barbara Robb was born in a mystic realm but was put up for adoption by her parents on the front steps of a church. The Dweller in Darkness was drawn to her power of bring her dreams to life. The Dweller sent her after the Book of Vishanti to steal it from Dr. Strange and Clea. Naming herself Dream Weaver, she attacked them with images of Dr. Strange but he prevailed. He blamed Nightmare but Nightmare dismissed him but gave him a clue. The Dream Weaver then asked for his help all the while she was babbling for 2 hours. Doctor Strange and Clea fell asleep and the Dream Weaver summoned Dr. Strange`s dream self to get the book for her. As soon as she had the book in her hands she sent his dreamself away but it didn`t leave. Dr. Strange's astral self was there. He let her think she fooled him but he fooled her and let the book show her how powerful magic really was. Then he wiped the Dream Weaver persona off of Barbara`s mind and sent her back home .


    Dream Weaver was created by Roger Stern, Alan Kupperberg and Rudy Nebres in 1978 and first appeared in Doctor Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts # 32.


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