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The Dream Police was created by J. Michael Straczynski for the 2005 one-shot of the same name (published by Icon Comics/Marvel) and revived for the ongoing series of the same name in 2014 (published by Joe's Comics/Image). While the one-shot is focusing on the Joe and Frank, the ongoing series is expanding the cast of the Dream Police and Dreamscape.

Members of the DPD (Dream Police Department):

Common Cases of the Dream Police:

  • Augmented and Lucid Dreams/Dreamers - Usually requiring the aid of the Supervisors. Sometimes these cases are called "a Castaneda", that's when someone is riding on waves of augmentation spiraling into the ether.
  • Code Red - An officer harming or compromising the safe passage of a dreamer.
  • Dead/Murdered Wisp
  • Dragon out of Control
  • Shifter Resisting Authority

Forms of Dreams in the 2005 one-shot:

  • Dream Abandonment
  • Erotic Dreams
  • Frustration Dreams
  • Hijacking Nightmares
  • Monster in a Closet
  • Nightmares out of Control
  • Petty Dream-Peeping
  • Terrible Recurring Dreams (aka Continuity Loops)
  • Vivid Dreams

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