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    Rol Purtha is a second class precog from the planet of Naltor. He was chosen by the United Planets to join the Legion of Super-Heroes after Dream Girl was killed in action.

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    Dream Boy was created by Mark Waid along with Mick Gray and Barry Kitson.



     Replacing Dream Girl
     Replacing Dream Girl

    Rol Purtha is a inhabitant of Naltor and like all of the inhabitants, he has the ability to see the future. Classified as a second class precog, he is not as strong or as adept in precognition as the Legion of Super-Heroes' member Dream Girl was, but he gets the job done.  Presumably, Rol was chosen by the High Seer of Naltor when they foresaw Dream Girl's death and was given the code name of Dream Boy in her honor.
    Intensely disliked by many of the Legionnaires due to the fact that he was not chosen by them and was replacing the deceased Dream Girl; which many found offensive in the extreme.  Despite this, Rol served as ably as he could and was one of the few Legionnaires visited by Dream Girl in one of his dreams after Brainiac 5's failed resurrection attempt instead transferred her consciousness into the Dreaming.
    She told him about the Phantom Zone Bomb Braniac 5 was going to built in order to end the Dominator War.  He also subsequently revealed her new existence as living solely in the dreams of others; helping convince the other Legionnaires that Brainiac 5 was not crazy with grief over Dream Girl's death.  He ultimately chose to accept "off duty" status and has not been seen since.

    Powers & Abilities

    A precognitive, Dream Boy possesses the ability to foresee future events.  However, he is very limited in his precognitive abilities.  On average, most Naltorans can only foresee future events within 20 seconds and presumably Dream Boy is the same.  He can also experience intense visions of the future while asleep or by momentarily entering a trance-like state; however he has little control over these intense precognitive visions.  Dream Boy can and has been able to alter some of these future visions but admits that some events are simply impossible to change.
    However, Dream Boy is exceptionally gifted at seeing visions on certain objects or things by focusing his precognitive powers on them.  He has utilized this in predicting Brainiac 5's security codes; enabling him to bypass the security measures enacted by the Coluan 12th-Level Intellect.


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