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Members of Dreadstar and Company include

Vanth Dreadstar: superhumanly strong and virtually immortal wielder of the sword of power. Vanth is the charismatic leader of the group and is a veritable force of nature in battle.

Syzygy Darklock: Brilliant Cyborg friend of Vanths. Possibly the most powerful magic user in the universe. If Syzygy's normal power level is not enough to win he can transport enemies to another plane of existence where he is over.

Willow: Beautiful Blind telepath. Willow is one of the few telepaths who can also communicate with and control machines. She uses her monkey Rainbow's eyes to compensate for her blindness. If her psychic blasts and mental domination aren't enough, Willow is also an expert marksmen. With just her twin laser pistols she has taken down an entire squadron of armed soldiers.

Oedi: The Catman. Part of a Church experiment to create warriors, Oedi is the last survivor of his kind. Gifted with the speed, strength, agility, senses and reflexes of a man sized cat, Oedi is a brillaint tactician and unarmed combatant. He, like Willow is also and expert marksmen.

Skeevo Phlatus: Smuggler, Pilot and friend of Oedi, Skeevo has an uneasy alliance with Syzygy.


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