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    Terry Boltiansky is the leader of the Terror Titans.

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    Dreadbolt (Terry Bolatinsky) is the son of Larry Bolatinsky (Bolt), who is a Blue Devil villain. Terry is now following in his father's footsteps by becoming a supervillain himself and joining the villainous team know as the Terror Titans. He attempted to recruit Teen Titans member Kid Devil to the Terror Titans but failed. When he declined, Terry and the Terror Titans attacked him with their full force.

    As the Terror Titans saga continued, Terry proved himself to be a strong minded and stoic leader, however, his visage was quickly seen through by his fellow teammates when The Persuader III mentioned that Terry hadn't killed anyone. As a trial to show him as the leader the Terror Titans need, Clock King force Terry to kill his father. Terry fought his father and ended up killing him, somehow managing to slice him in half or force him into a wall. The comic wasn't completely clear as to how Terry managed to kill him but he did, in fact, kill him. Now, Terry has become the new Bolt.
    Personality wise, Terry tends to be quiet. He takes orders fairly well but may not like what orders he is given. In Terror Titans #3, he has proven himself to be a vicious killer, much like the other members of the team.

    Along with the rest of his team, Terry goes to the arena to watch Ravager's match with Static. They are all suitably impressed by his skill, though during the match Angelica ( Disruptor) distracted him with talk about how the fight affected her. With her defeat, he and the rest of the team left the arena. Terry retires to his room.

    Terry begins drinking, mourning the loss of his father and wondering about his actions. He is interrupted by Angelica, who dressed in her underwear, begins drinking with him. The two discuss their place in the Terror Titans. After taking a few more shots, Angelica begins to seduce Terry. They end up using Clock King's technology to teleport to a beach where they presumbably sleep together. Afterwards, Angelica tries to convince Terry that Ravager is planning to kill Clock King, wanting her out of the picture. Immediately realizing her plan Terry rages at Disruptor, turning away from her and teleporting back to base.
    Powers & Abilities:
     Like all his fellow Terror Titans, to date at least, Dreadbolt's abilities come from his costume rather than genuine superhuman or metahuman powers.  Terry's costume is modeled after his father's, the original Bolt, and grants him all the same abilities, such as flight, teleportation, and energy projection.  He's currently the only member of the Terror Titans with flight capabilities so he can cover much more distance than the others and has been seen using this power to better supervise them during battle and even airlift his allies (was seen carrying Disruptor during their last fight with Disruptor).  How he accomplishes flight is unknown, but it is likely someform of levitation or anti-gravity flight since his suit doesn't possess jet boosters, wings, or any other visible means of airborn transportation.

    Dreadbolt's teleportation ability enables him to make quick getaways as well as get the drop on his opponents during battle, and it was in fact this very power which he used to kill his father, teleporting him into a brick wall (half of Bolt's body was hideously fused with the wall while his son Dreadbolt was left completely unscathed).  Dreadbolt's teleportation does have limits however, Terry himself has admitted that unlike the Clock King's "port charges" he cannot teleport other people with him, an inability which at one point forced him to choose between abandoning his teammates or saving himself when all the freed heroes victimized by the Darkside Club ganged up on them (he surprisingly chose to stay and fight with his team to the bitter end).  His statement about his own limits, as well as the manner in which he killed his father, suggests that while Terry can infact take other people with him during his teleports, his passengers cannot come out intact.  

    Terry's energy projection attacks appear to be electrical in nature and can be fired from his hands like bolts of artificial lightning or condensed in his fists for hand-to-hand combat.  Dreadbolt can control the strength and voltage of these attacks so they can either stun or kill his enemies, even reduce them to charred skeletons.  Dreadbolt's suit is presumably insulated/protected from his own electrical attacks, but his fight with his father and later the Bang Baby hero Static reveals that he can be harmed by electricity from outside sources.

    Terry's father was a special effects technician before he turned to a life of supervillainy, and taught his son everything he knew about the business so that he could run his special effects company in his place while he was off doing evil deeds.  Based on this alone it can be assumed that Terry probably has the best understanding of how his costume and all its special features works out of all the Terror Titans, and he may or may not have made his own suit rather than been granted it by the Clock King, or at the very least he knew how to maintain it himself.  

    He along with the rest of his team were given combat training by Ravager for a short time during her stay at the Darkside Club, and while most of this "training" involved all four of them getting their butts kicked by her on a regular basis she herself admitted that they were showing improvement, a fact best evidenced by how Terry and his team nearly overwhelmed Ravager after she set out to foil Clock King's master plan.


    Terry Boltlansky is adept at keeping a cool head under pressure and doesn't allow personal feelings to blind his judgment during combat situations (such as when he urged Disruptor to forget about her petty vendetta against Ravager right before entering into a battle so it wouldn't endanger the team, despite his own dislike for her), all of which are traits which led Clock King to selecting him to be leader of the Terror Titans (few can effectively lead a team consisting of normally distrustful & ill-tempered teenage psychopaths).  Also, unlike most supervillain leaders Terry has shown a great deal of loyalty toward his fellow Terror Titans, especially after Clock King betrayed them all & he chose to fight with his team against a horde of angry heroes rather than bail and save himself.  The only exception to this was when Ravager had Disruptor at her mercy & he stated he didn't care what Ravager did to her, saying they were all ultimately expendable.  However, this was before Clock King betrayed them & Disruptor was the least popular member of their team to begin with, so its unlikely he would have shown similar callousness if Persuader or Copperhead had been in danger.  

    Despite being team leader Terry was the last Terror Titan to commit an actual murder, taking his own dad's life to prove his worth & earn the team's respect.  However, his first kill dwelled heavily on him at first, though in the end he confided to Persuader that in a way he was relieved his father was gone for he'd always made him feel inadequate & unwanted despite always having admired and wanting to be like him.  Terry is a villain who's coldblooded to his enemies but supportive toward his friends.

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