Dread Rorkannu

    Character » Dread Rorkannu appears in 5 issues.

    The Dread Rorkannu is the master of the Dank Dimension. He likes Suicide Girls.

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    Little is known about the Dread Rorkannu's origins. He is ruler of the Dank Dimension, and like the Dread Dormammu, he is a scion of Faltine.


    Dread Rorkannu was created by Warren Ellis and Stuart Immonen. He made his first appearance in Nextwave: Agents of HATE #7

    Major Story Arcs

    Agents of HATE

    The Dread Rorkannu by the Beyond Corporation, in a ritual which apparently required the blood of a French Canadian, to provide one of their Unusual Weapons on Mass Destruction. He provided his Mindless Ones, shambling stone men capable of firing lasers from their eyes, in return for one hundred dollars and girls. He prefers so-called Suicide Girls, with tattoos and piercings. He does not like blondes. He appears to dislike every element of humanity, excepting the Suicide Girls.

    He later fought The Captain, and lost after being hit with a sink, dunked in a toilet, thrown through several stall walls and beaten with a lead pipe. The Captain also did something to him with a toilet brush, the exact nature of which, thankfully, is left unclear. His ultimate fate is unknown.

    Powers and Abilities

    The Dread Rorkannu is capable of wielding magic to various effects. He also has total command over the Mindless Ones.


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