Dre Cipriani

    Character » Dre Cipriani appears in 29 issues.

    Part of a Robin inspired group of teens known as We Are Robin.

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    “Show me the dirt pile that I will pray that the soul can take three stowaways.” -Interpol

    Username: Dre-B-Robbin

    AGE 17. Current student at Middletown South. GPA 2.5. One suspension for fighting. Written up multiple times for aggressive displays of disobedience. Argumentative. Arrogant. Emotional problems and anger issues. Could excel at math but has no drive.

    Hobbies include MMA, boxing, true crime novels, forensic science, and cooking. As a child was a musical prodigy. Piano. Completely abandoned music after his father’s murder.

    Parents are Gianfranco Cipriani (deceased) and Angela Mancuso. Father, a “made” member of the Maroni crime family, murdered by the Falcones when Dre was 8.


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