Character » Drakken appears in 17 issues.

    A vampire enemy of Wetworks.

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    Sometimes known as the Beast Prince, Prince Drakken is consolidating his power over the Vampire Nation . It was his scientists who developed the symbiote suits that WetWorks team members use in the course of experimenting to create armour which would protect his Vampire soldiers from the deadly rays of the sun. Returning his race to glory is his highest goal.

    Drakken was a prince of the House of Thom, but he wanted more power. For some reason he thought, starting a war with the humans would be a good idea, but this was stopped by WetWorks. He then went for the Blood Queens throne and though he didn't succeed in killing the Blood Queen, he did manage to get the power he wanted. The takeover did not go smoothly. Waering and his tribe along with WetWorks attacked Drakken, but in the end Drakken won, and the Blood Queen went into exile.

    As the new ruler of the Vampire Nation, his minions started attacking humans once again. He was eventually stopped when he tried to take the symbiotes from WetWorks and take control over the United States. His plan to make Johnny Savoy betray his people and allies backfired and after his plans had been thwarted, he was executed by Savoy.


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