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Major Story Arcs

Drake is part of a team of scientists at Ice Station Hellman in Antarctica. UNOW, the world's government during the reign of the Grendel Khan, stops communication with the team and they begin to wonder whether they are being left to die.

A mysterious Grendel named Jonah shows up out of nowhere at the same time that the scientists start to die from a strange condition, in which they quickly go mad, start bleeding from their eyes, and then burst from the inside out in an explosion of blood. Some of the scientists, led by Drake, believe that the disease is an infection and that Jonah is the host

Drake has never liked the station's leader Caroline Konard, and when she protects Jonah, he becomes openly mutinous. He challenges Caroline and Jonah at every turn.

After an earthquake, they investigate the toxic waste dump they are supposed to oversee. Drake secretly kills one of the scientists he finds there, who has started to show signs of the lethal condition. However, the condition is really caused by the leaking toxic waste, not an infection, and Drake is exposed to the waste while killing the scientist.

He starts a group that plots to get rid of Jonah and take over the station. Meanwhile, they explore the nearby caverns to find the source of the earthquake. It turns out that a giant monster has been moving around and shifting the ice. Jonah saves Drake from the monster, but Drake's feelings toward him don't change. Drake's group captures Jonah and crucifies him, leaving him to die in the polar wastes. Drake takes over the base from Caroline.

However, Drake succumbs to the condition and goes insane. Alexander, an old, fat scientist whom Drake has always bullied, fights Drake. Alexander surprises everyone by holding Drake off, but Drake manages to stab Alexander in the neck. Caroline shoots Drake at the same time that he explodes from the condition.


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