Drake Sinclair

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    A mysterious man with a dark past, Drake Sinclair was once a soldier during the Civil War, serving under Colonel Mosby. He now works to protect the world from the terrors of General Hume and any others who wish to use the powers of the Six to bring upon Doomsday and recreate the world.

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    Drake Sinclair was a soldier in the Civil War who served with Colonel Mosby, staging raids and striking in the night, unknown to his foes. His abilities impressed the likes of General Hume and thus he was recruited into Hume's inner circle. When Hume revealed his plans, to use The Six, Drake declined and was replaced within Hume's ranks. Not wanting to leave any loose ends, Hume and his men hunted Drake down; however, they were unable to find or kill him.

    From that point on Drake knew he had to do anything and everything in his power to prevent General Hume from harnessing the full power of the Six.


    Drake Sinclair was created by Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt for their series, The Sixth Gun. He is one of the main characters and plays a major role throughout the story.

    Major Story Arcs

    Cold Dead Fingers

    Drake Sinclair begins his journey to track down The Six by traveling to the Gallows Tree to speak with it's ghostly prisoners, making a deal with them to burn the map he used to find them in exchange for the whereabouts of General Hume's treasure and the Montcreif farm, after obtaining the information he left without burning the map, thus infuriating the ghostly prisoners. When he arrived at the Montcreif farm he realized he was too late and his target had already been taken, luckily he was able to interrogate one of Widow Hume's men to obtain the information he needed.

    It took him several days, but Sinclair arrived at the town of Brimstone. It was here that he located Becky Montcrief and saved her from Missy Hume; unfortunately as he was attempting an escape he was attacked by General Hume's men. Accompanied by his partner, Billjohn O'Henry, they fought through Hume's men and escaped into the nearby marsh.

    Realizing that Becky would be unable to survive on her own he began to teach her how to fire her weapon, giving her a brief history lesson about General Hume, his men and the mystical weaponry they carry. The trio then began traveling to the Maw, a location that Becky saw in one of her visions after firing her weapon, one of the enchanted pistols of the Six. While resting after a long day of travel, Becky had slinked away; however, she ran into Will Arcene who began firing upon her with his weapon that spews magical flames. Awoken by the gunshots, Drake and Billijohn traveled in the direction of the noise where they found Arcene's dead body, killed by a mystical deity known as the Thunderbird.

    Now armed with one of the Six, Drake located Becky and prevented Hume's men from re-obtaining her, shooting Bloodthirsty Bill with a burst of flame. After escaping from them he explained his history with Hume to Becky, informing her that he was once recruited to help General Hume during the Civil War; however, he declined and was hunted down. Realizing that the General won't stop attacking them until he obtains their weapons, they decide it's time to take the fight to the General.

    Arriving at the Maw before the General and his men, Sinclair and his crew set a trap. They wind up luring in Bitter Ridge, killing him and claiming his weapon, thus giving Sinclair control over two of the Six. Sinclair then uses the abilities of his new weapon to summon the spirits of the dead to attack Hume and his men; however, he knows it'll only slow Hume down and won't ultimately kill him.

    While at the Maw Sinclair meets a man known as Gord Cantrell, who explains he knows a tad about the mystical weapons that Drake is carrying, showing him the vault that requires all six of the weapons to open. Soon after, General Hume and the rest of his men arrive, unhappy at the deaths of their allies and eager to kill Drake. Hume and his men seem outnumbered until the General summons an army of zombies to surround the Maw, trapping Sinclair and everyone else, inside.

    The General and his men then begin to march on the Maw, forcing Drake and his allies to fire back with everything they've got. Gord informs Drake of an old escape tunnel that was built during the war and Becky informs Drake that they mustn't let Hume open the vault, for what's inside is far worse than anything they'd seen before. During the firefight Drake ends up killing Filthy Ben and taking his weapon, thus adding another one of the Six to his collection. Unfortunately Drake is unable to help his partner, Billjohn, before he's killed by Bloodthirsty Bill; however, Bill was killed in the process thus Drake acquired another one of the Six, bringing his total count to four.

    Drake then encounters the General, who had taken Becky captive; however, one of the undead souls linked to Drake's weapon is able to catch the General off guard, freeing Becky & allowing Drake to fatally wound him by firing a bullet through his head, thus ending the Battle of the Maw. The aftermath of the fight is bloody and brutal; it also results in the Maw collapsing onto the vault, thus ensuring what's inside won't be escaping for quite some time. It's then seen by Becky that Missy Hume is gathering her forces for a future assault, thus the two of them must prepare themselves for the coming encounter.


    Sometime after the Battle of the Maw, Drake Sinclair arrived at Crescent City, searching for some way to break his bonds with the weapons of the Six. Due to the effect the guns have had on him he hides the guns away, often drinking to dull the aftereffects the weapons left on his soul.

    Working as a lone wolf and searching for information, Drake traveled through to the Spirit World, searching for Henri Fournier, a dealer of mystical objects and magical knowledge. Unfortunately his travels make him a target of Fournier's butler, Woodmael. While Drake is leaving the Spirit World he is attacked by a monstrous gator, luckily he escapes, much to the dismay of Woodmael.

    When Drake arrives back in Crescent City he talks with Gord about the Six and what purpose they have in the grand scheme of things. Gord informs him that the weapons open up some sort of Doomsday, the end of the world; however, his knowledge ends there as there are six different books about the Six and Gord only had the one. Looking forward to resting after his battle in the swamp Drake is attacked again, this time by Woodmael himself who had taken the form of a panther. While he was caught off guard, Drake is still able to claim a victory over Woodmael, killing him, or so he thought.

    In the aftermath of his battle with Woodmael, Drake realized that Becky had gone missing. Gord informs him that she was with Kirby Hale but this news does little to satisfy Drake; however, before Drake can search for Becky he must meet with Henri about the recent attack on his life. Henri gives him more knowledge about the attack and the forces at play here, granting him more knowledge about the Six and the dangers to come, especially from Woodmael and the one he worships, Marinette Bwa Chech.

    Drake then uses this knowledge and heads to the graveyard in Crescent City where the spirit of Billjohn had been guarding over Drake's weapons, Drake then uses them to battle against Marinette Bwa Chech, aided by Becky, Gord and several men who serve the Sword of Abraham. With their combined might they're able to incapacitate Marinette long enough for Henri to arrive and capture her soul.

    It is after this that Drake decides to join the brothers of the Sword of Abraham to learn from them, looking for more knowledge about the Six.


    While traveling with Brother Roberto and Becky, the crew is attacked by a horde of zombie-like riders with the intent of obtaining the body of General Hume. Drake and Becky are able to fight the zombies off, unleashing the powers of their weapons; however, a giant mummy descends from the sky and attacks both Drake and Becky. Drake quickly learns that this mummy is actually Asher Cobb, a prophet who had become a man of ghost stories.

    Unfortunately for Drake, Cobb proves to be a larger threat than expected. Drake is stabbed by a member of the undead, thus weakening him, and is then separated from Becky and Roberto. Left alone to face Cobb, Drake vanished.

    A Town Called Penance

    It is revealed that Drake was able to escape his fight with Cobb and jumped into nearby waters. Using the Fourth Gun Drake summoned the spirit of his friend, Billjohn, and gave him the other three of the Six that he had with him. When Drake found himself ashore he was met by the Knights of Solomon and taken prisoner. One of the members of the Knights of Solomon ask if Drake would like to join them and it is learned that Drake had worked with them in the past but betrayed them due to a favor he had owed someone else, Drake declines the offer and is tortured.

    Luckily for Drake he is found and released by Becky, the two then fight their way out of the Knight's stronghold; however, Drake wishes to return to kill his former captors. Using his wit and his mystical weapons, Drake begins killing the leftover Knights of Solomon, leaving one of their members, Jesup, for the wolves.

    Winter Wolves

    During the escape from the Knights of Solomon, Drake and Becky had discovered an image of Drake dressed in armor surrounded by the sigils of the Six. This discovery led both Drake and Becky to search for a means to destroy the weapons they were currently bound to. On their travels they come across Kalfu, a gatekeeper to the spirit world, whom Drake had seen earlier before facing Marinette Bwa Chech. After he sees this gatekeeper a mysterious storm begins and snow begins falling at a rapid rate, trapping Drake and Becky in a winter wasteland.

    Drake realizes that he and Becky must continue on their way to Fort Treadwell; however, a pack of wolves attack them thus slowing their progress. When they arrive at Treadwell they learn that the inhabitants had become frozen due to the winter storm, to make matters worse the duo become surrounded by the Wolves once more, forcing them to sit inside Fort Treadwell while the cold nips at their heels.

    All of a sudden, out of nowhere, a giant wolf known as the Winter Wolf attacks them and Fort Treadwell, smashing the Fort to pieces and forcing Drake and Becky to flee. Drake attempts to fight back; however, he finds his weapons are useless against the wolf who seems to fade into the winter storm as the bullets pass freely through it's hide. Drake then realizes that the Winter Wolf is a mystical creature that is known more commonly as the Wendigo, and Drake knows how to kill it.

    When Drake located the lair of the Wendigo he wound up in a stalemate, both sides unwilling to budge. The Wendigo informed Drake that he would free him should Drake and Becky leave their weapons in his lair and leave, never to return. Drake, unwilling to take the Wendigo up on this offer, was then inhabited by the beast thus allowing it to chase after Becky using Drake's mortal form. Drake began fighting the beast, a battle of mind and soul, and informed Becky that she must kill him, but before Becky can pull the trigger they're transported back into the realm of the living, released from the Spirit World by Gord.

    Ghost Dance

    After being released from the spirit world by Gord, Drake and Becky meet up with their old friend who has been working alongside Asher Cobb and Kirby Hale. Together they run into an Indian Tribe who claim that the Voice of Thunder has spoken and that all the great tribes must set aside their differences, taking Drake and his crew as guests. Drake then learns that Becky had used the Sixth Gun and one of it's more dangerous abilities and is now at risk of death. While Drake is sleeping he is disturbed by a spirit version of Becky who tells him that someone or something is hunting her spirit.

    Concerned with the news Becky gave him, Drake tries to get her help; however, he is informed that she must make this journey on her own. While Drake is unable to help in a physical sense, Becky's spirit often appears to him and asks for help, which he gives in the way of advice, warning her that the Sixth Gun is trying to claim her for it's own nefarious goals.

    When Becky wakes from her vision quest she screams for help, Drake is the first to her side. It is learned rather quickly that a lone spirit tried to come with Becky and has made it into the real world; however, it is quickly killed by Drake and his crew. It seems that everything is safe and sound; however, Drake is being slowly altered by the weapons he carries with him.

    Not The Bullet, But The Fall

    Drake and his crew headed back to the town of Brimstone, where their adventure together had begun, hoping to find information on Missy Hume, unaware that she'd already been killed. When her body is used by the forces that killed her as a herald, Drake realizes that he and Becky must leave Brimstone as soon as possible, unfortunately he makes this realization as Brimstone is attacked by the forces of Griselda the Grey Witch.

    While fleeing Brimstone Drake is stopped by an old friend, now foe, Asher Cobb, angry with Drake due to his false promises. Using the powers of the Fourth Gun, Drake summons an army of souls to combat Asher, he then blasts him with the First, tearing Asher open, and finishes him with the Second, burning him with the flames of perdition. Unfortunately for Drake, Asher wasn't the only person trying to stop him, out of the shadows emerges Jesup, his old rival that he had left for dead in the woods. Jesup had been given the powers of the Fifth Gun, thus lethal injuries did nothing to stop him.

    To allow Drake and Becky to escape, Nahuel jumps in Jesup's way, stabbing at him with his knife. While Nahuel is unable to kill Jesup it buys Drake and Becky enough time to flee. Drake and Becky head towards the woods, bringing Nidawi with them, but due to her injuries they must leave her behind, protected by the Spirit of Screaming Crow. Drake instructs Becky to flee in a different direction, as it is vital that Jesup doesn't wind up with all six of the Six.

    Jesup's forces quickly locate Drake and attack, but Drake retorts with the power of the First, blowing a huge hole in their numbers. This does nothing to Jesup however, as he heals from the injuries and continues pursing Drake. During their battle Jesup steals Drakes weapons, fighting through the pain they deal him. Drake attempts to bring Jesup down by using the Third; however, it does nothing and Drake is left to the mercy of Jesup.

    Thankfully for Drake, Becky returns and uses the power of the Sixth to communicate with Gord in the past, obtaining all of his knowledge on the Six. Becky tosses her weapon at Jesup which fills his mind with immense levels of knowledge, overwhelming him, but not finishing him. Nidawi returns, possessed by the spirit of Screaming Crow, and uses his magic to summon a massive flood, saving Drake and Becky. Unfortunately, even though Drake was able to escape with his life, all of the Six ended up in the hands of Jesup and the Grey Witch.

    Hell and High Water

    Drake regrouped with Becky and the spirit of Screaming Crow after their defeat at the hands of Jesup, realizing they need to defeat the Grey Witch before she uses the power of the Six to remake the world in her own twisted image. After learning the whereabouts of the Grey Witch, Drake and the remains of his crew headed for her with one goal, killing her.

    When Drake arrived at the Grey Witches location he found a pile of bodies, sacrifices to the Grey Witch made by the townspeople who had been promised a better life in the new world. He was soon ambushed and attacked by the forces of the Grey Witch, forces too powerful for Drake to defeat. Unable to secure a victory against the Grey Witch she found herself re-creating the world, and Drake, knowing the only way to defeat her, passed through the barrier into the new world.

    Skills and Abilities

    Drake was taught stealth and trapping by Colonel Mosby; skills he uses on a regular basis to flee from his foes and create traps on the fly. Drake is also a skilled marksman and has shown an average degree of hand to hand combat.

    Due to his charm and intellect he is often able to talk his way out of a situation by making deals or false promises with those who wish to do harm to him.


    Drake has obtained and used four of the six weapons of the Six. The following are the weapons that Drake has used or had possession of:

    • The One - Once belonging to Bloodthirsty Bill, Drake obtained The One during the Battle of the Maw after Bill was killed by Billjohn. This weapon fires with the force of a cannon and has huge destructive potential.
    • The Second - Once belonging to Will Arcene, Drake obtained The Second after Will was killed by the Thunderbird. This weapon fires the very flames of Perdition which burn hotter, brighter and longer than normal flames.
    • The Third - Once belonging to Filthy Ben, Drake obtained The Third during the Battle of the Maw after he killed Filthy Ben. This weapon fires a flesh eating disease that quickly eats away at those who it's bullets wound.
    • The Fourth - Once belonging to Bitter Rider, Drake obtained The Fourth before the Battle of the Maw after luring Bitter Ridge into a trap. This weapon summons the souls of those whose lives it has claimed.

    Drake lost the above weapons after his battle with Jesup during 'Not The Bullet, But The Fall'.

    Alternate Versions

    Two alternate versions of Drake were seen during Becky Montcrief's spirit walk:

    • Knight Drake - This version of Drake was a medieval knight who wielded the Sixth in sword form. He protected Becky from angry spirits during a portion of her spirit walk.
    • Dead Drake - This version of Drake was the outcome of General Hume succeeding in obtaining all of the Six, he was captured and put on display outside of General Hume's home.


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