Drake Liddle

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    Brother of Alice Liddle. He became the second Mad Hatter in Wonderland.

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    The second Mad Hatter, from the late 20th century. Drake was a fireman, husband, and seemingly loving uncle from Los Angeles. Secretly however, he molested his nephew Johnny on fishing expeditions alone with the boy. After one of these excursions Johnny confessed his uncle's crime to his grandfather (Charles Dodgson). That night when Drake went visit his father, Charles accused him of pedophilia and thrust him through the mirror into Wonderland.

    In Wonderland, Drake found himself trapped between the March Hare and a wall of undead corpses. He was grabbed by the wall and bargained with the hare for his aid. The hare freed him from the wall and in exchange he offered him the 10/6 hat and sends him on a quest to fetch a girl named Lacie. Drake then wandered the jungle for months, becoming exhausted, and ever more insane. He came across a mirror and there, speaking with his reflection, finally gave up and gave in to Wonderland. In doing so he was able to don the mantle of the Mad Hatter and inherited all of the previous Hatter's skin suits. Months later he returned to March Hare and the tea party with Lacie and declared himself leader of the little group.

    Major Story Arcs

    Return To Wonderland

    Drake Liddle as the Mad Hatter
    Drake Liddle as the Mad Hatter

    Years later, when Calie arrived in Wonderland, she fled the Cheshire Cat and ended up at Drake's door. He answers in a handsome disguise, offering her hospice. But instead of safety he deceived, drugged, and then attempted to rape her. She escaped and thoroughly beat him.

    Beyond Wonderland

    Trapped in Wonderland, Johnny Liddle wandered around a little. Disguised as the Mad Hatter, Drake Liddle knocked out Johnny after a brief conversation and distraction. Drake put Johnny in his dungeon together with Alice Liddle. Upon realizing who the Mad Hatter really was, Johnny broke free from his shackles and suffocated Drake with them. Forced to kill his mother with the Ebony Blade, Johnny uses it on a taunting Drake Liddle, thus killing him.


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