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    A member of the Legion Academy on 30th Century New Earth. She has the ability to project fire breath and acid venom.

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    Little is known of Dragonwing's life before enrolling in the freshman class of the Legion Academy. Marya joined with the intent of becoming a Legionnaire one day, though as a self-proclaimed cynic she often bemoans the low probability of that even happening. Despite her pragmatism, she grows angry when the senior class of students are all rejected by the Legion and assumes that her own chances of joining the team are non-existent. She could hardly have predicted how soon that dream would come true.


    Dragonwing was created by Paul Levitz and Phil Jimenez and made her first appearance in the series by DC Comics the Legion of Super-Heroes v.6 #6, December 2010.

    Character Evolution

    Retroboot: New Earth

    The Dead of Dragonwing

    Dragonwing Rises
    Dragonwing Rises

    Marya Pai of Earth was a street urchin as a child who gained the abilities to breath fire and emit an acid venom. She took the tag-name Dragonwing and joined the Legion Academy, growing a close friendship with fellow alumni Chemical Kid. Dragonwing would even encourage his irresponsible behavior and accompanying him on many of his joyrides of spending Chemical Kid's father's money.

    On one such night after going on a joyride and being caught by the teachers at the Academy Chuck and Lournu Taine, both would be grounded. That however didn't not stop her from sneaking out along with Chemical Kid, returning to the planet Phlon, and investigating his fathers empty bank account. Unfortunately they were ambushed by enemies of the Legion the villain Black Mace and his new accomplice Alchemy Girl.

    Turning the tables on the villain's Dragonwing and Alchemy kid were able to successfully win the battles and had the Science Police pick the villain's up for arrest. Leaving Phlon and returning to the Legion Academy headquarters they quickly faced an even greater threat. The evil nemesis of the Legion known as the Cosmic King was attacking the building. Cosmic King easily disabled Dragonwing and the other Legionaries present save Variable Lad, who sacrificed his life to defeat the villain.

    When several Legionnaires are presumed dead, Dragonwing and her classmates find themselves suddenly bumped up to active Legionnaire status. Much of Marya's tough or bitter persona may be a front or coping mechanism; she is accommodating of naïve, new student Glorith and mourned the loss of Variable Lad despite their lack of strong friendship.

    Powers and Abilities

    Chemical Secretion

    Need a mint?
    Need a mint?

    Dragonwing has the ability to exhale several dangerous chemicals from her mouth at high speeds She is able to breathe fire like a flamethrower or can spit successive streams of acid venom at her opponents.

    She has also honed her hand-to-hand combat skills from years of living in the tough crime neighborhoods of a Metropolis. She was also receiving training in formal combat while a student at the Legion Academy.


    As a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes, Dragonwing possesses a Legion Flight Ring. The ring gives its wearer the ability to fly, the speed and range of which is determined by the wearer's willpower. It also acts as a long-range communicator (enabling constant vocal contact with other Legionnaires, even across vast distances of space), a signal device, and a navigational compass, all powered by a micro-computer built inside the ring.

    Other Versions

    Other Media


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