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    #149 Dragonite is a dual-type Dragon/Flying pseudo-legendary Pokémon.

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    It has been said that their home are somewhere at the sea. They guide crews of shipwrecks to shore


    Dragonite is the final form of Dratini. It evolves from Dragonair.

    Physical Appearance

    Height 7'3 2.2m

    Weight 463lbs 210kg

    Noticeable Dragonite

    Lance's: he is well known for his Dragonite. His is considered his strongest Pokémon.

    In Pokémon adventures he had him when it was a Dratini and he was a child. His was able to heat from lava and most attacks seemed have no effect on him.

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    In the animated series his Dragonite was use to thwart both Team Rocket and Team Magma. He was use on a mission to thwart team rocket’s evolution machine. He was use to capture red Gyradose. It fought off Archie and Kyogre. He was aided by Ash’s Pikachu and Groundon

    Drake's: In Electric Tale of Pikachu when he fought Ash. It defeated Squrtle with ease and defeated Charazard in a long battle. After those battles, it was finally defeated by Ash’s Pikachu.

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    In Pokémon animated series it fought off ash orange island championship. It defeated Squirtle, Charazard and Tauros, along with thwarting Team Rocket with a hyper beam. Each of Ash’s Pokémon delivered a blow to provide advantage to the next Pokémon. It was finally defeat by Ash’s Pikachu

    Iris’s: Unlike other Dragonites this one is reckless and disobedient. It feels that dodging is for cowards along with using attacks that the enemy is weak against. It was Iris that rescued it in a power plant where Officer Jenny considered it a threat. Iris caught it after she won it trust and proving its innocence.


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