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The Dragonfly is an XH-1 Assault Helicopter. It is primarily piloted by Wild Bill. The Dragonfly was first put into service by G.I. Joe in 1983.

The Dragonfly weighs 9,500 pounds and is a 2 man helicopter with a top speed of 220 MPH and a full loaded range of 510 miles. It is heavily armed, its primary weapon is its 25 mm Vulcan Gatling Gun with 2,500 rounds. It is also armed with a Laser-Guided 160 mm Cannon Pod, "Scorpion" air-to-ground missiles, "Dragonfire" fire-and-forget anti-aircraft H.E. Missiles, M-34 Grenade Launcher, and an X-551 60 mm Mini-Cannon with 1,200 rounds.

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