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    Benny Boatright is a noble hero that suddenly finds himself in a death arena situation with other heroes and villains, forced to fight each other. How they all arrived in this situation is unknown.

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    Benny Boatright was a fairly normal and average American boy, with a typical family and life, with a love of superheroes until the day his parents were killed by an alien plane that crashed into his family's home. He and his brother were sent to live with an abusive uncle who never cared about them save for the income he received for looking after them. Later Benny developed strange powers due to his home actually being destroyed by an alien scout vessel that was disabled by a superhero known as Meridian. Benny would go on to become a superhero himself, calling himself the Dragonfly. Dragonfly has always strongly believed in the sanctity of life and refuses to use guns or kill. Dragonfly's brother John would conveniently be appointed DA (District Attorney) and would extend jurisdiction to Dragonfly to clean up the streets, sanctioning his activity. Dragonfly would end up with his own set of nemesis he would encounter regularly, such as the Glass Man, Cube, Senator Vile and Homunculus, but he would never kill. Even if he was occasionally tempted, it was a strict principle he would adhere to.

    Dragonfly would also serve as a member of Second Force alongside Sable, Meridian, Nephilim, Warrior Woman and Omni-Engine. He would also serve as a member of The Persuaders. Dragonfly would find himself mysteriously forced into a death match environment with his fellow superheroes.


    Dragonfly is a Boom! Studios published character that first appears in the 2012 series Deathmatch, appearing in its debut issue Deathmatch #1. Dragonfly is designed and created by writer Paul Jenkins and artists Carlos Magno and Michael Garland, writers and artists of the series. Dragonfly bares some resemblance to Marvel's superhero Spider-man, this is most likely intentional given the nature and idea of Deathmatch.

    Character Evolution

    Dragonfly is the first superhero and one of the main protagonist we are introduced to in Boom! Studios Deathmatch series written by Paul Jenkins. The character is traditionally heroic, and also initially acts as our point of view character as they explain the basic plot and series premise. Dragonfly's very principled hero who refuses to apply lethal force or use any weapons that could harm even villains. He is also a younger hero than most of the established top heroes, but despite that youth is otherwise very ethical and advocates responsibility. The character is also one of the few characters that almost appears in every single issue, and could be said to be the most developed and characterized.

    Major Story Arcs


    Dragonfly finds himself in a complicated and bizarre situation, when he finds himself in a complex with his fellow superheroes with no idea how he got there, where he is, or who is keeping him and his fellow superheroes restricted. He also knows that that some figure or entity is also compelling him, forcing him and his fellow heroes to engage in lethal combat with other each other and that this is being broadcast to other heroes not participating immediately. They are all also aware they are being systemically pitted against each other and that something is affecting their memories and personalities at times. There are also powerful light guards that restrict physical hostility unless its as a part of the death matches. Dragonfly is frustrated and exasperated at his situation and that he was forced to kill a fellow superhero. In his quarters he is approached by the mysterious Sable. Sable questions him as she intends to try and unsolved the mysteries they are confronted with, even complimenting Dragonfly on how well he kept his anonymity despite her efforts to identify his civilian persona. Sable is sympathetic for what Dragonfly has experienced but also tries to steer the conversation towards identifying the threats and problems they face and the most effective and efficient solution to implement. Her questions lead to both her Dragonfly making several observations and conclusions about the nature of the situation they are in.

    Mink and Glyph

    Dragonfly starts to befriend Sable's former apprentice Mink, a fellow hero. He is still trying to work out the mysterious and situation they are in, Dragonfly and Mink piecing clues together. Mink strongly reacts to the idea she could know what Sable is thinking, demonstrating her cold attitude toward her former mentor. Dragonfly makes observations about light being important to whoever was the mastermind behind this situation. Mink and Sable are forced to watch the powerful Nephilim slaughter electric powered Electronika. Dragonfly would grow more frustrated, still dwelling on the fact he was forced to kill. Looking for answers he would come across the strange creature known as Glyph enclosed in a special transparent sphere. The alien creature would behind to stare at Dragonfly making him curious as to what the creature was trying to communicate. Mink and Dragonfly would appear to get closer and more trusting of each other. Dragonfly would inquire to Mink about why no one else was bothered by the fact that the hero Glyph was being contained in a large orb, Mink pointing out glibly that everyone is a bit preoccupied with the death matches. She would indulge Dragonfly's theories though and the two would observe Glyph for some sort of clue as to the reason behind the madness of the situation. Thinking that Glyph was trying to attempt communication Dragonfly would propose they get Manchurian to observe Glyph. Mink would suddenly kiss Dragonfly on the lips and compliment his intelligence before heading away.


    Rat would sneak up behind Dragonfly as he watched Mink walk away, taking him by surprise, Dragonfly was a bit annoyed. Dragonfly and the Rat would meet up with Sable, Manchurian and George Truman to investigate a strange structure where they believed they could discuss the situation in relative privacy. Talk would turn to discussion of the Intelligentsia with only Manchurian and Sable aware and familiar with the name. Manchurian would fill in details for the others, speaking of a powerful organization behind the scenes, behind the shadows secretly controlling unfathomable amounts of finance and power and wielding incredible influence and ability. Manchurian would even explain how he almost was killed by even learning of their existence, Sable would affirm Manchurians claims with her own experience of uncovering them a few years after Manchurian, both proposing the idea that the Intelligentsia's potential role in the death matches.

    Powers and Abilities

    Benny's powers were influenced by a passing dragonfly that was caught in the alien ship's explosion. He can fly for exactly one minute but has to touch a grounded item or his dragon-flight will fail. Dragonfly is incredible agile and quick. Dragonfly has the proportionate strength of chitin which makes him impervious to blunt force trauma. Dragonfly can also produce power barbs from his arms and stun his enemies. Dragonfly possesses a never give up, never quit, never say die attitude that serves him well in battle. Dragonfly also has a reputation of being undefeated.


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