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    The sword wielded by the Asgardian goddess and adventurer Valkyrie.

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    The Ancient One with Dragonfang

    Dragonfang is an indestructible sword wielded by the Asgardian goddess Brunnhilda, who is also known as Valkyrie. Legend states that the sword was created by an ancient oriental wizard named Kahji-da. Kahji-da is said to have forged the sword thousands of years ago out of the tusk of an un-named extradimensional dragon. At some point long ago, the sword came in to the hands of The Ancient One.

    The Ancient one retained possession of the sword for many years until he passed it along to his disciple Doctor Strange. Doctor Strange kept the sword in his possession until he bestowed it upon the Asgardian goddess Valkyrie.

    The sword was finally awarded to Valkyrie after she returned the Ebony Blade, a weapon she had borrowed, to its righful owner The Black Knight. Currently, Valkyrie is still in possession of Dragonfang.

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