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Includes Volumes 22, 23 & 24

Enter the Ginyu Force!

Gohan and Kuririn struggle to keep the last Dragon Ball from falling into Freeza and Vegeta’s possession, but how will they fare against Freeza’s Ginyu Force—a group of five of the strongest fighters in the galaxy? If they want to survive, they may have to do the unthinkable and team up with Vegeta! However, with Goku hurtling toward Namek at top speed, there may be hope…as long as he makes it in time!

Chapter Titles

Volume 22

Battlefield Namek

  • Tale 253: Showdown!
  • Tale 254: Ten Seconds of Death
  • Tale 255: Son Gohan Snaps
  • Tale 256: Death in Flight
  • Tale 257: Vegeta vs. Dodoria
  • Tale 258: Hide and Seek
  • Tale 259: The Sixth Dragon Ball
  • Tale 260: The Last Dragon Ball
  • Tale 261: The Four Dead Heroes
  • Tale 262: Vegeta vs. Zarbon
  • Tale 263: Zarbon's True Power
  • Tale 264: The Great Elder's House

Volume 23

The Ginyu Force

  • Tale 265: The Dragon Balls Change Hands
  • Tale 266: Vegeta's Laughter, Freeza's Rage
  • Tale 267: Reunion of Terror
  • Tale 268: Vegeta in Overdrive!
  • Tale 269: Brains and Brawn
  • Tale 270: Premonitions of War
  • Tale 271: The Enemy of My Enemy...
  • Tale 272: The Ginyu Force
  • Tale 273: Five Deadly Fighters
  • Tale 274: Gurd's Psychic Powers
  • Tale 275: Vegeta vs. Reacoom
  • Tale 276: Vegeta vs. Reacoom, Part 2

Volume 24

Goku vs. Ginyu

  • Tale 277: Freeza Victorious?!!
  • Tale 278: Son Gohan's Last Stand
  • Tale 279: Son Goku Has Landed
  • Tale 280: Super Saiyan?
  • Tale 281: Jheese and Butta
  • Tale 282: With Allies Like These...
  • Tale 283: Ginyu Steps In
  • Tale 284: A Matter of Pride
  • Tale 285: The Last Three Namekians
  • Tale 286: Nail, Champion of Namek
  • Tale 287: The Switch
  • Tale 288: Goku or Ginyu?!


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Story Arcs

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