Dragonball #6

    Dragonball » Dragonball #6 - The Greatest Hero On Earth released by Viz on September 2014.

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    Includes vols. 16, 17 & 18

    The Greatest Hero on Earth

    Goku and Piccolo finally face each other down in the final match of the Tenka’ichi Budōkai! Piccolo is ready and willing to unleash all his power to win—something Goku may hesitate to do. Taking down Piccolo is going to take all of Goku’s skill and wits…and courage! But after the tournament is over, life goes on. There will be new enemies to face and even more surprising new allies!

    Chapter Titles

    Volume 16

    Goku vs. Piccolo

    • Tale 181: God's Miscalculation
    • Tale 182: The Fated Showdown
    • Tale 183: Testing the Waters
    • Tale 184: The Real Fight
    • Tale 185: The Super Kamehameha
    • Tale 186: Panic at the Tenka'ichi Budōkai
    • Tale 187: Piccolo's Super Gigantification Spell
    • Tale 188: Goku's Fight
    • Tale 189: The Demon King's Final Gamble
    • Tale 190: Piccolo Destroys Everything!
    • Tale 191: The 10 Count
    • Tale 192: The Last Gasp!

    Volume 17

    The World's Greatest Team

    • Tale 193: The Fate of the Strongest
    • Tale 194: The Gift of the Dragon Balls
    • Tale 195: The Mysterious Warrior From Space
    • Tale 196: Kakarrot
    • Tale 197: Tails of Future Not-Quit-Past
    • Tale 198: An Enemy In Common
    • Tale 199: An Unexpected Strength
    • Tale 200: Nothing Up My Sleeve...
    • Tale 201: Piccolo's Farwell to Arms!?
    • Tale 202: A Suprise Appearance
    • Tale 203: Goku's Last Chance
    • Tale 204: Sayonara, Goku

    Volume 18

    The Lord of Worlds

    • Tale 205: A Warrior in Hell
    • Tale 206: Gohan and Piccolo
    • Tale 207: Son Gohan, the Inconsollable
    • Tale 208: Deeds Done by the Full Moon
    • Tale 209: Goku and Gohan's Training Begins!!
    • Tale 210: Masters and Students
    • Tale 211: The Hardest Time of His Death
    • Tale 212: Closer... Closer...
    • Tale 213: The Day of the Saiyans
    • Tale 214: Let the Games Begin!
    • Tale 215: One Down
    • Tale 216: Heroes in Terror


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    Story Arcs

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