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Turtle vs. Crane

The next Tenka’ichi Budokai martial art tournament is just around the corner, and an eager Son Goku can’t wait to face even tougher fighters for the “Strongest Under the Heavens” title! Among the contestants include pipsqueak Chaozu and three-eyed Tenshinhan, deadly disciples of Tsuru-Sen’nin, the Crane Hermit!

As it turns out, Tsuru-Sen’nin is an old rival of Goku’s teacher Kame-sen’nin (also known as the Turtle hemit). What’s worse, Tsuru-Sen’nin orders Chaozu and Tenshinhan to kill the Kame Sen’nin disciples! Will crane-style kung fu beat out turtle style? As these two martial arts schools duke it out in the tournament ring, things just might turn fatal!

Chapter Titles

Volume 10

The 22nd Tenka'ichi Budōkai

  • Tale 109: A Second Helping of Pilaf
  • Tale 110: The Pilaf Machine
  • Tale 111: Reenter the Dragon
  • Tale 112: Go, Goku, Go!
  • Tale 113: The 22nd Tenka'ichi Budōkai
  • Tale 114: The Qualifying Rounds
  • Tale 115: King Chappa
  • Tale 116: The Doctored Lottery
  • Tale 117: Yamcha's Kamehameha!
  • Tale 118: The Cruelty of Tenshinhan
  • Tale 119: The Full Moon Grudge
  • Tale 120: Look Out! The Dodson Blast!

Volume 11

The Eyes of Tenshinhan

  • Tale 121: Kuririn's Master Plan
  • Tale 122: Goku vs. Panpoot
  • Tale 123: Tenshinhan vs. Jackie Chun
  • Tale 124: Young Tenshinhan
  • Tale 125: Goku vs. Kuririn
  • Tale 126: Goku vs. Kuririn, Part 2
  • Tale 127: Goku vs. Kuririn, Part 3
  • Tale 128: Goku vs. Tenshinhan
  • Tale 129: The Volleyball Play
  • Tale 130: The Fist of the Sun
  • Tale 131: Tsuru-Sen'nin
  • Tale 132: The Arms Race

Volume 12

The Demon King Piccolo

  • Tale 133: Desperation Move
  • Tale 134: Up in the Air
  • Tale 135: The Death of Kuririn
  • Tale 136: Target: Tenka'ichi Budōkai
  • Tale 137: We Need You, Goku!
  • Tale 138: The Weirdo with the Ball
  • Tale 139: Yajirobe's Prey
  • Tale 140: The Material Artist Hunters
  • Tale 141: Goku vs. Tambourine
  • Tale 142: Piccolo Descends!
  • Tale 143: Goku vs. The Demons King
  • Tale 144: Goku... Loses?


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Story Arcs

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