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    Deviant sister of Ereshkigal. She and other members of Delta Force were sent to rescue a group of Avengers from Ghaur.

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    Dragona is a member of the Deviants, sister to Ereshkigal, she is also a part of the Kro lead Delta Network. She is especially protective of Deviant children. She once aided the Avengers to stop the Deviant Ghaur, after Ghaur was resurrected, however Ghaur's Deviant powers allowed him to take control of Dragona and manipulate her into trapping herself within her wings. When Ghaur's master plan to form a Uni Mind succeeded, Dragona uses this chance to regain control of her actions and assist the Avengers in stopping and destroying Ghaur's Uni Mind, stopping the villain.        


    Dragona is a Marvel comics character, created by Roy Thomas and Keith Pollard. She first appears in Thor #286 

    Powers and Abilities

    Dragona possesses many of the typical traits of the Deviant race, including enhanced strength, speed, and durability. Dragona differs in that she has also possesses flight, through her large wings.  

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