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    The last dragon on the Earth, Dragon can shape-shift into human form and walk amongst man.

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    Dragon is a character who was created by Henry Vogel and originally published by Guild Comics. Later the character became property of Hero Comics, he premiered in Southern Knights #1 - The Graphic Novel and appeared in the 1980's.


    The last of the dragons to fly the wide sky's of Earth, Moranderin leads a lonely existance after awakening from his slumber. After his mate and child were slain by men, he found that he could take on the form of a human male, Mark Dagon. Hunting down the killer and having his revenge on the slayer of his family, he wandered the world for a thousand years until meeting up with the Southern Knights, a team of superpowered heroes defending the city of Atlanta Georgia.

    He was eventually featured in his own four-issue limited series, which chronicled several of his adventures from the centuries before the other Southern Knights were born.

    Powers and Abilities

    In dragon form he is immensely strong and tough, can fly and breathe fire. In human form he is no tougher or stronger than a normal human.


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