Dragon Witch

    Character » Dragon Witch appears in 15 issues.

    A dragon witch from the Realm Beyond the Mist, she is often seen as an enemy of Tarot, however by the Code that she lives by...she cannot allow any harm to come upon a fellow witch, unless its by her.

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    Otherwise known as Mor-Meb-Dred, the Dragon Witch is a dragon that can take on the form of a human, with the exception of her unique, dragon-like features. Like many other dragons, most dragons actually, she hates humans and wants them all dead. She hates the dragon-slayers, or to her kind "murderers".  Her kind prefers Raven Hex's views, which includes war, and death of all humans, over Tarot's alternative, peace, and living equally. Her kind are very much past wanting to make peace, and want to kill all humans.

    Most of her kind join Azure, thinking that they were under the comand of Raven Hex. When they find that they are being led by none other than Azure, they decide to strike at him, not wanting to stay under his command. They want to wipe out all the humans, but refuse to do so under Azure's command. Their leader, Dragon Witch, goes to work at the side of Raven Hex, she then attacks, and made it seem like she had Killed Raven, dying in the process.

    But Raven lived, and had severe wounds that eventually healed. Dragon Witch also survived, and had actually died in the process, but had been brought back through a Viking Funeral. A Viking Funeral is cremation during a ship burial.


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