Dragon King

    Character » Dragon King appears in 13 issues.

    Carlton T. Hackmutter was once an ill-tempered janitor at Spider-Girl's high school who thought all the kids were punks. When his blood covered a ancient medallion in his dragon collection, he became a dragon himself.

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    Hackmutter, the Midtown High School janitor, was a collector of dragon relics. After cutting himself on some glass, his blood dripped on his newly acquired dragon medallion, and he was transformed into a large dragon beast of great power. He went on a rampage before being stopped by Spider-Girl.

    As Dragon King, Hackmutter began seeing himself as a being above others and intended to crush humanity beneath him to make room for a more superior race of humans.

    He at one point joined the Savage Six.

    Eventually, Hackmutter wanted to become human again. Unfortunately, a Midtown High Schooler named Kevin Hartman had stolen the medallion that had made Hackmutter into the Dragon King. Blackmailing Hackmutter by convincing him that he could make him human again, Kevin had the Dragon King perform odd jobs for him, including beating up bullies who were picking on him. However, at school, May Parker's spider sense kept going off around Kevin and eventually she and her friend Davida Kirby stumbled onto what Kevin had been doing. Changing into her Spider-Girl costume, a small fight broke out between May and the Dragon King, until May revealed that Kevin had the medallion with him and Hackmutter used it to become human again. It is unknown if Spider-Girl has seen the last of the Dragon King.

    Powers and Abilities

    As the Dragon King, Hackmutter has considerable superhuman strength, stamina, and durability.

    He also has razor-sharp claws and powerful optic blasts.


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