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An annual Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Comic Book/Gaming convention held in Atlanta, Georgia during the month of September since 1987, Dragon-Con has had a variety of activities for attendees and even non-participants to see.  Dragon-Con usually hosts a parade where attendees of the Con dress up in costumes of various characters from various genres, including Sci-Fi and Fantasy movies, books,  and people dressed up as comic book , literary, fantasy, steampunk, and video game characters.  
Crowds gather to watch the parade as it makes it way through Atlanta, and usually draws a lot of media attention.  There are Masquerade Balls, the usual Vampire role-play and cosplay, and plenty of panels covering movies, books, comic books,  and gaming.  Awards are also handed out in various fields, including the Futura Awards and Parsec Awards.  
Notably, there is also a "Ms. Klingon" Contest, and a Dawn Look-A-Like Contest where women dress up in various costumes representing Joseph Michael Lisner's comic book character Dawn.  Dragon-Con has had notable authors Ray Bradbury, Anne McCaffrey, and Neil Gaiman in attendence, along with comic book luminaries like Jim Steranko, and Paul Dini.  
Also of interest, the first annual "Robot Wars" began at Dragon-Con in 1990, and continues to be a part of the Con.  Additionally, there has been a variety of music, including "filkers", but also noted musicians and bands Blue Oyster Cult, The Misfits,  Edgar Winter, and Jefferson Starship to name just a few.    
Dragon-Con continues to be an important convention in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Comic Book Convention circuit in the U.S.A.



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