Dragon Circle

    Team » Dragon Circle appears in 10 issues.

    A team of former Defenders who died while fighting Moon Dragon

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    Brief History

    When the Defenders where forced to fight their teammate Moondragon, who had been possesed by the Spirit of the Dragon of the Moon, team members Valkyrie and Andormeda, along with newcomers Interloper and Manslaughter, were seemingly killed while stopping her. Time passed, but the spirits of the former Defenders could still contact the earthly plain, even helping Doctor Strange out on a mission. Later, the group of dead Defenders where again needed in battle and joined together as the Dragon Circle. These events led to the Vishanti restoring the lives of the members of the group.Once resurrected, the former Defenders soon went their separate ways.

    Trivia: Although the team was not named or officialy formed until Doctor Strange 3, the team also made appearances in Strange Tales before this time.

    Other version

    Another group with the same name seemingly encountered the Black Panther on one of his adventures and this group first appeared in Marvel Premier 52.


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