Dragon Ball » 153 episodes

    Series » Published by Shueisha. Started in 1986-1989.

    The acclaimed manga series by legendary Dr. Slump creator Akira Toriyama takes its first humble steps to greatness in the action-adventure anime adaptation of Dragon Ball! Join Goku, a young kid living in complete solitude in the mountains, as his life takes an exciting turn after encountering the energetic Bulma, a fiesty young girl who is on a quest to find the seven "Dragon Balls" -- mysterious star-studded marbles rumoured that, when gathered together, have the power to grant any wish!

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    Original Title: ドラゴンボール (Doragon Bōru)

    Note: episodes will be numbered on a saga (a season) to saga basis. Thus...

    Emperor Pilaf Saga: #101--#113

    Tournament Saga: #201--#215

    To be expanded further...

    The beginning...of the beginning...!

    Long before there was Dragon Ball Z, the story that established the grand epic lingered in temporary obscurity in the minds of the western audience. Meet Goku, as you've never seen him before, a short, energetic and happy child who has not yet tasted the power of Super Saiyan transformations. Join Goku, at his youngest and most inexperienced hour as he sets off on a quest that will forever shape the course of his destiny. Along the way, he will stop tyrants, give his all in World Tournaments, assault towers, halt devious plots and defeat villainous demons!

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    But he will not make the journey alone. Watch as the friendships forged so strongly in Dragon Ball Z are off to rocky starts in this origin tale as we meet Bulma, Yamcha the bandit and his partner Pu'ar, Oolong the perverted shapeshifter, the legendary martial arts master Roshi the turtle hermit, Krillin, and lots, loooots more!

    This is Dragon Ball, before the world could be put in dire danger, before a punch had the chance of reshaping landscapes. This was Dragon Ball...when the biggest concern was preventing a wish!


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