Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods

    Movie » Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods released on March 30, 2013.

    The 14th DBZ movie and the first feature film since 1996's "Path to Power." Taking place shortly after the battle with Majin Buu, the Z fighters are pitted against Bills the God of destruction and the mysterious Whis. It has the largest budget of any Dragonball animated film.

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    The film opens with King Kai talking with Supreme Kai telepathically while Goku is training on King Kai's along with King Kai's monkey Bubbles. The Kais are talking about the God of Destruction Bills who has recently awoken. They are terrified as the last time he awoke he destroyed many planets. Goku interrupts them to ask what Bills was at fist thinking it was a kind of food but soon catching on it was a powerful enemy from the fear in King Kais voice. Goku pesters King Kai until he tells him about Bills. King Kai reveals that there are two Gods in the universe one who creates life and stars and one who destroys them. Goku reveals he wants to fight Bills to test his power to which King Kai angrily responds saying Goku cannot beat him.

    The scene then cuts to Bills realm where an explosion is seen. It is revealed to have come from one of Bills' "alarm bomb". Bills assistant Whis attempt to wake Bills who is very sleepy but is eventually made get up by Whis threatening to sing. Bills then eats his breakfast enquiring about the events that transpired while he was asleep. He questions Whis if Freeza destroyed planet Vegeta while he was asleep and expresses shock when told that while he did he was killed by a "Super Saiyan". This reminds Bills of a dream he had about him fighting an enemy called the Super Saiyan God. When Whis expresses his disbelief Bills goes to the Oracle Fish who had told Bills thirty nine years ago that he would face a powerful enemy in thirty nine years.

    Bills decides to go to King Kais planet to find Goku. The scene then cuts to Bulmas birthday where she expresses distaste over Goku and Vegeta training on her Birthday. While Bills is on his way King Kai tells Goku to hide. It is revealed that Bills was the one that made King Kais planet so small by destroying it when he lost at Hide and Seek. Bills then orders Goku to come out of his hiding lace and questions him about the Super Saiyan God. When Goku does not know about the Super Saiyan God Bills prepares to leave Goku asks him if he could fight him Bills accepts and the fight begins. First Goku powers up to Super Saiyan 3 then he rushes at Bills. Bills easily evades all of his attacks and responds with a devastating flick that almost knocks Goku out. Goku tries again but is defeated by a nerve strike.

    Bills departs for Earth and King Kai warns who was training of Bills arrival. Vegeta recalls the name but cannot remember how he knows him. Vegeta goes to Bulmas party and encounters Bills there who reminds him of their first meeting. When Vegeta was but a child Bills arrived at the Saiyan palace and used King Vegeta as a stool while he was eating. Prince Vegeta saw the scene but backed away. Bulma invites Bills and Whis to her party where they have fun at the party.

    The scene cuts to Emperor Pilaf and his henchmen breaking into the facility outside the party. They have been turned into children by Pilaf's wish to Shenron for Youth. They bring into the bingo prizes storing area but are interrupted by Trunks. Trunks calls Goten over but the trio run away after Goten appears as they mistake him for his father. While they are running away Mai runs back and gives Trunks the second prize diamond Trunks tells Goten that Mai is his Girlfriend to which Goten replies "Amazing". The scene cuts to to Mai, Shu and Pilaf taking a break after running. Pilaf while very annoyed that it was a fruitless venture is consoled when Mai reveals that she stole the Four-Star Dragonball. They plan to sell it back to its owners for one million zennies.

    The scene then moves to Bulma who has been watching the trio from afar next to Trunks and Goten. She comments and Trunks' relationship with Mai. Trunks is asked to to bring her over and flies over to do so stunning the trio. He tells Mai that to act cool, he said that she was his girlfriend and asks her to play along swaying her with the promise of food and bingo. While talking Pilaf recognises Bulma and becomes even more scared but goes with Trunks when he leaves. It then goes briefly to Bills and Whis who are testing out all the different foods of Earth but goes to Bulma questioning Mai on her age to which Mai replies "41" which stuns Bulma but is seen as a joke. Ths is also brief as the scene cuts to Goku training on King Kais planet by trying to hold back Kamehameahas but failing and declaring he is not strong enough to defeat Lord Bills. The scene goes back to Bills and WHis eating with Bills getting irritated by the Super Saiyan God not appearing.

    Bulma starts the Bingo competition with showing off the prizes including a castle, a plane and the Dragon Balls. Yamcha soon realises that the 4 star dragon ball is missing. Pilaf's gang try to run but are stopped by Trunks asking Mai about her phone number. The 4 star Dragon Ball falls out of Mai's pocket and Pilaf rushes to get it soon noticing he is surrounded by people. The gang take Trunks hostage and Pilaf holds a ransom on his life. This attempt is met by laughter considering Trunks is a Super Saiyan. The Great Saiyan man joins in as Gohan (who is a little drunk) goes along with what he thinks is a prank. He tells Mai to shoot at his face which Mai reluctantly does. Gohan deflects all the bullets with his finger but one of the bullets strike Videl in the leg. Dende heals her but notices that she is pregnant which she tells him to keep a secret as she wants it to be a surprise. Another bullet strikes Bills in the forehead which slightly itches causing him to decide to destroy the Earth. Vegeta decides to calm him down by dancing the Bingo dance while singing. This calms Bills down.

    Bulma takes the Four-Star Dragon Ball off Mai and decides to start Bingo. However disaster strikes when Whis recommends Bills to try pudding. Buu is already eating the pudding and refuses to let Bills have any. Bills calls him an idiot and Buu declares that he will turn Bills into a snack and eat him. Vegeta notices and tries to run over but Bills unleashes his power and knocks Buu out cold. Piccolo, Tien Shinhan and Android 18 attack Bills but are quickly disposed. Gohan tags in and tries to take down Bills but goes down just as easily.

    Vegeta goes up next and while he oes better than the others he still fails. Trunks and Goten fuse and try to take down Bills despite Vegeta's warning and are spanked for their troubles. As Vegeta awaits his death Bulma interferes and slaps Bills declaring he ruined her 38th birthday party. Bills slaps her back greatly angering Vegeta who attacks Bills once again greatly improving this time and is almost his equal but still loses. As Bills summons his attack, Goku appears and tries to get Bills to stop and has a Eureka moment. He summons Shenron and asks him about the Super Saiyan God. Shenron tells him that it was a God made by the Saiyans and that five pure-hearted Saiyans must send their energy into one Saiyan who would become a God. It had only been achieved once before by a Saiyan revolted by the evil Saiyans and almost defeated all the evil Saiyans but for the forms time limit. Shenron then departs having told Goku all he needed to know.


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    A Great Comeback 0

    After so much wait, i was finally able to put my hands on these movie and i have to say that the result is overall, satisfactory.Plot was good (with some minor inconsistencies) and surprising. DBZ plots were never that great, they turned to be predictable at some points and repetitive. But in this case, it didn't attached up with the tradition and was a clearly different outcome, yo may love it or hate it, but for me it's a nice try to present something different.Animation is beautiful, old fas...

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    Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Review 0

    Goku is about to enter a new level of powerIf you’re a fan of Dragon Ball Z then you will probably be familiar with its formulaic narrative: a new form (or fusion) is often the answer to an overpowering enemy. There is a brief moment of self-awareness when the movie acknowledges this as it recounts the victories of Goku. This movie delivers us that formula, but with a take that is both fresh and unique. Battle of Gods reignites the franchise. It is an exciting and light-hearted movie, and...

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    DRAGON BALL Z: Battle of Gods - It's good to go home again -- and again! 0

    Dragonball Z: BATTLE OF GODS is the eighteenth animated feature based on the Dragonball franchise. It does hold the status of being the only feature that directly connects to Dragonball Z's 291 original episodes, taking place during the end of Dragonball Z's animated series run. That's probably because original series creator, Akira Toriyama (we bow and thank you), has been deeply involved in Battle of Gods creation. Akira originally published Dragonball as a manga back in 1984-1995 and then saw...

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