new to Dragon Ball, could use some help

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so i recently got into Dragon Ball and i've watched the original run up to where Goku and Chi-Chi get married, i know DBZ comes next i was wondering could someone point me in the right direction as to where to watch DBZ and also which version to watch, since i know of at least 2 runs of it that were edited differently and dubed differently.

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You're probably best off getting the digitally remastered box sets (there are 9 seasons). I've never seen them.

There is also Dragon Ball Z Kai which cuts out all the filler, but it's a lot more discs to buy. I've heard good things but I grew up watching the filler so I don't mind. I don't think all the episodes are done or on DVD yet. I have never seen these either.

Or you can do what I did before these existed and hunt down each individual Funimation DVD which has 3 or 4 episodes per disc and spend a fortune on them and have a giant box filled with them :-/

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Just never make a Goku vs. Superman thread on here, everyone hates that. Or a Z-Fighters vs Justice LEague thread, dont make one of those :P lol

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If you can, try to find the Ocean dub for the 1st two Sagas of DBZ but they might be hard to find. They were the original American versions. After Fundamation took over and they re-dub it. Both versions are great but I prefer Ocean's voice actors and dialogue. Some people say the series went downhill after Frieza and even more people say the series went downhill after Cell. If you loved Dragonball then I'm sure you would want to check out the entire series no matter what people say or think. I love Dragonball Z. It was/is/will always be one of my favorite shows.

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The ocean dub is fun but it takes a lot more liberty with the source material than the funmation dub. like citing Bardock as the inventor of the artificial moon technique.

If I was you I'd tried to get my hands on the entire uncut (thats important) run of Dragonball Z Kai. It only goes up to the end of the Cell saga though. After that go with the original uncut funimation dub, but I'd recommend you skip the Otherworld tournament saga and save your money. It's not part of the original manga and isn't really necessary to the series/story.

Good luck!

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