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Zamasu no Imortal
Tournament of power rules
Toppo no hakkaishin

LOCATION: Tournament of power


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Goku Black and Zamasu

Dyspo and Toppo

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#2 Posted by kingpin1 (421 posts) - - Show Bio

Toppo and Dyspo

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#3 Posted by ad-arts (1339 posts) - - Show Bio

Toppo and dyspo. With each new saga, previous saga villans are no longer a factor.

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#4 Posted by midnightdragon18 (9765 posts) - - Show Bio

Zamasu can't be killed

and eventually black will be just as strong and fast since his power keeps rising

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#5 Edited by Dession_Viper (273 posts) - - Show Bio

Toppo destroys Black and then they ragdoll Zamasu.

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#6 Posted by kingpin1 (421 posts) - - Show Bio

Zamasu is a non-factor, plus Dyspo can beat Black.

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#7 Posted by PhantomRant (888 posts) - - Show Bio

Super Dyspo is too fast for either Zamasu's and Toppo is likely upper SSBKK tier.

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#8 Posted by RukelnikovFTW (3861 posts) - - Show Bio

If both Zamasus merge they win, otherwise future Zamasu without immortality is the weak link and they lose.

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#9 Posted by cromulor (374 posts) - - Show Bio

Dyspo actually had the ability to pressure Golden Frieza and hurt Full Power Gohan, he easily disposes of Future Zamasu. Toppo showed relative advantages over the current regular Blue Vegeta (not new form, regular) though there were other instances that made them look more back and forth. Regardless, he can certainly hold Angst-Goku long enough for Dyspo to blitz and destroy Zamasu. Then they kill Black together.

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#10 Posted by Scotchbear (851 posts) - - Show Bio

Black and zamasu fuse and stomp pretty badly.

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#11 Posted by AlexTheBoss (10666 posts) - - Show Bio

Toppo and Dyspo unless Zamasu fuses.

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#12 Posted by silvanus (324 posts) - - Show Bio

@cromulor: To be honest, Toppo had advantage over Vegeta only when he was distracted. Otherwise they were pretty even.

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