Dragon Ball Super #9

    Dragon Ball Super » Dragon Ball Super #9 - Battle's End and Aftermath released by Viz on June 2020.

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    The Tournament of Power is nearing its end, and only a few warriors from Universe 7 remain to fight Universe 11’s Jiren. Goku struggles against Jiren’s endless onslaught of attacks, and things start to look grim. It seems like the only way Goku can defeat him is by tapping into the power of Ultra Instinct—something he’s never been able to do before! Will he be able to master it in time to defeat Jiren and save Universe 7?! Meanwhile, back on Earth, Boo is about to get Boo-napped!

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 41: Ultra Instinct
    • Chapter 42: Battle's End and Aftermath
    • Chapter 43: Joining the Galactic Patrol!
    • Chapter 44: Escaped Prisoner Moro

    Note: The digital edition (6/2/2020) for this volume was released before the print edition.


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