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Saiyan Arc

With the mighty Kaio-ken amplifying his strength, Goku fights Vegeta in a desperate battle to save the world, only to find that the elite Saiyan warrior is even stronger than his own techniques! Goku calls on the Genki-dama, the “spirit ball,” drawing power from every living thing around him. But alone, even Goku is not enough. The last worn-out survivors, Gohan, Kuririn and Yajirobe, rush back into the fray to try and stop the unbeatable Vegeta from destroying the planet Earth itself!

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 035: The Decisive Battle at Last!
  • Chapter 036: Too Much Power?
  • Chapter 037: Battle in the Red Zone!
  • Chapter 038: The Moon
  • Chapter 039: The Energy Sphere
  • Chapter 040: All That Power
  • Chapter 041: The Last Heartbeat
  • Chapter 042: Last Resistance
  • Chapter 043: One More...the Sphere
  • Chapter 044: The Hopes of a Planet
  • Chapter 045: Worn-Out Warriors
  • Chapter 046: Monkey in the Moon
  • Chapter 047: Goku's Request
  • Chapter 048: The Bittersweet End
  • Chapter 049: Desination Namek
  • Chapter 050: The Mysterious Spaceship
  • Chapter 051: 3...2...1...Lift Off!


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Story Arcs

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