Character » Draculina appears in 33 issues.

    Lilith's first, and most beloved, daughter. Draculina is brought into reality by a cursed candle which warps reality when lit, swapping Draculina with her other possible "self" - a tough homeless preteen struggling to make it on her own.

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    Current Events

    In Draculina, establishing a secret identity for herself as "River East", high-profile socialite daughter of the missing and presumed dead Lilith Ogden Eastaughffe, Draculina presses forth with a secret, evil agenda of bloody retribution against everyone who's ever done her wrong, with only Katie (her alt-self) standing between her and her deadly goals.

    Origin Story

    Katie/Draculina is a reboot of the Harris/Dynamite character Victory/Draculina.

    First appearing in Vampirella Vol. 5, #0, her origin story is recounted in that volume. This volume also introduces Victory as a new character.

    Major Story Arcs

    Seduction of the Innocent (Vampirella Vol. 5): Notable for containing the first appearance of Katie/Draculina as Draculina (issue #14)


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