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Dracule "Hawkeye" Mihawk is the greatest swordsmen in the world, and is Zoro's greatest adversary. He was first revealed to be as powerful as he is when he appeared at Don-Krieg's ship during his raid of the Baratie, where the karate fighting cook, Sanji, worked. His master and the head Chef of the sea bound restaurant, Chef Zeff, told Zoro about Hawkeye, who came to the restaurant quite regularly when he wasn't on the Grand Line hunting down and turning in other pirates for their bounties.

Don-Krieg had a difficult time understanding the true force he was up against when Hawkeye came out from the Mist of the Storm in his small boat, seemingly asleep. He was there when they started the raid and the skirmishes caused them to fight outside of the restaurant.

"Cap'n! Whatta we do? It's Hawk Eye Mihawk, he found us!" one of the lesser privateers said as the small boat slowly floated toward the pirates.

"You fools! Just fight him off!!" Don-Krieg said to his pathetic crew member. He was, in reality, extremely worried about the threat that lay in front of them.

"Aggggghh!!" said the member that was scared, pulling out two pistols, firing them off like a madman.

Hawk Eye responded to the gunshots quite calmly, drawing his huge sword, the Grosses Messer, and tilting it in the man's direction, at a perfect angle that blocked off the bullets and redirected several inches to the left, making them shoot at him still, but now they missed him by inches. The other Pirates realized now that the man was something to be reckoned with, and that they could all be in extreme danger.

"H-how...h-how di-did he do that?!" said one of the dumber crew members.Zeff said, looking onward at the man, as though he wasn't slightly interested in the man that addressed the question.


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