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Draaga's first appearance is in Action Comics Annual #2.

When Superman exiled himself from Earth due to psychological problems he was suffering from at the time, he was forced by the despot Mongul to participate in his gladiatorial games on "Warworld". Draaga is the champion of the games, but when Superman defeats him and refuses to kill him, this baffles Draaga; whose code of honour demands a rematch against Superman, though he later comes to respect the hero. After Mongul is deposed by Superman, the aliens who control the artificial planet Warworld choose Draaga to be their new puppet ruler. Draaga eventually abandons the position to look for Superman, even finding the remains of Superman's costume (torn apart during his stay) and wearing them, in a sort of homage to the warrior who defeated him. After taking a "space taxi" he arrives on Earth.

Much later Draaga is employed by Maxima to destroy Superman. The Superman he encounters here is actually the android Supergirl Matrix wearing Superman's form, who loses to Draaga on an asteroid.

The second time Draaga loses on Warworld is in a contest held by Brainiac. Later Draaga joins Superman in the fight against Brainiac to regain his honor. He is killed while jumping into an organic anti-matter doomsday device created by Brainiac and is buried along with The Cleric, on the asteroid on which he first encountered Supergirl.

Other Media


Draaga appears in the season 2 episode "Survivors" His appearance is that of someone with an alien head and a body with humanoid skin. He is played by John DeSantis.


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