Dr. Tzin-Tzin

    Character » Dr. Tzin-Tzin appears in 35 issues.

    A criminal mastermind and expert hypnotist.

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    An orphan of American origin, the boy who would become Tzin-Tzin was rescued and raised by Chinese bandits, who instructed him in the art of crime, and enabled him to gain extensive knowledge of hypnotism. He practiced this last until he became one of the most gifted hypnotists in the world. He soon became an audacious criminal, attracting the attention of Interpol before making his way to America, where he continued his crime spree.


    Doctor Tzin-Tzin was created by John Broome and Sheldon Moldoff.

    Major Story Arcs


    In America, Tzin-Tzin swiftly rises through the ranks of the Tong and soon sets his sights on Gotham. He attempts to destroy Batman and Robin but fails, and is imprisoned for some time. Becoming obsessed with revenge, Tzin-Tzin joins with the League of Assassins in order to orchestrate his vengeance. His plot fails, but he manages to escape the Dynamic Duo's clutches, and goes underground for some time. He resurfaces in San Francisco, where he begins building an army of brainwashed child soldiers. His plans are thwarted by the combined efforts of Jonny Double and Supergirl. Upon his defeat he flings himself into the San Francisco Bay, vanishing for some time. He reappears in Gotham several years later attempting to steal one of the city's monuments for an unknown purpose. He is subdued and imprisoned, but manages to escape after soliciting help from an ant colony. He briefly holds much of the city in his thrall before again being defeated. Several years later he reappears on a small island near Greece, from which he attempts to overthrow the Soviet Union. He is confronted by the Peacemaker, and apparently dies after being left unconscious aboard an airship that is then struck with nuclear weapons.

    Powers and Abilities

    Tzin-Tzin appears to have access to some form of magic based on mystical rites which allows him a form of animal control and telepathy. He is an extremely gifted hypnotist, and capable of creating realistic illusions in the minds of his victims. He is very intelligent, and a gifted criminal mastermind.


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