Dr. Tyme

    Character » Dr. Tyme appears in 22 issues.

    Doctor Tyme is a criminal who can control the flow of time. His helmet contains a device that can project a 4-X beam. The beam can slow down or speed up an object's personal time.

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    Doctor Tyme is a brilliant mad scientist specializing in the area of temporal manipulation, although he mostly confined his acts of villainy to committing random crimes and acts of petty theft. He fought the Doom Patrol, and was defeated by Mento, although he evaded capture.

    Much later, following Infinite Crisis, During the events of 52 Dr. Tyme was one of the super scientists abducted and taken to Oolong Island to work for Egg Fu's Science Squad A collaboration of other brilliant madmen dedicated to making crazy super-weapons he became a member of the Squad. His suspension ray was instrumental in taking down Black Adam during a conflict. He is one of the scientists who defend the island against Black Adam, paralyzing Adam with his suspension beam.

    Following Veronica Cale taking over the island, Now that the Doom Patrol has based their headquarters on Oolong, Tyme lives in fear that they will discover his secret identity. He mistakenly believes that he was their arch-nemesis, although they actually viewed him as mostly inconsequential. Tyme is one of the scientists who stays behind as one of her Science Squad members, even though the island is now also home to the Doom Patrol. Afraid that they will discover his secret identity, he asks Rocky Davis (now a reverend that serves as the Doom Patrol's grief counselor) to inform the Patrol he wishes them no harm and wants to peacefully coexist alongside them.

    Powers and Abilities


    • Time Manipulation: Doctor Tyme uses a special beam that can manipulate time within an extremely limited area, usually defined as a single person's space-time perception.


    Enhanced Intellect: Sutter is a brilliant scientist, albeit without much ambition. He is also somewhat gullible.

    In Other Media

    Batman: The Brave and the Bold

    Dr. Tyme makes a cameo in the episode "The Last Patrol" in a montage of the Doom Patrol's past battles.


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