Dr. Terrence Thirteen

    Character » Dr. Terrence Thirteen appears in 15 issues.

    Ancestor to the current Doctor 13 living in the 1880's. A strict believer in science over magic, he and his descendants are cursed by the Haunted Highwayman after accidentally killing his mother when exposing him.

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    Terrence Thirteen is a chemist living in Gotham City who also investigates the supernatural wishing to expose those that prey on the ignorant using tricks and science. When a thief known as The Haunted Highwayman begins attacking coaches, the police come to him for help. Dr. 13 deduces the Highwayman is a skilled scientist, who turns out to be a rogue professor Jonathan Rood, fired from his university after he had been attempting to find a cure for his sick wife.

    Dr. 13 tracks him to his home in Slaughter Swamp, the in the struggle to apprehend him, a stray bullet kills Rood's mother. Rood then proclaims a curse on the Thirteen family before he hangs in his public execution.


    Terrence Thirteen was created by

    Justin Gray


    Jimmy Palmiotti

    along with artist

    Scott Kolins

    . First appearing in a backup story in

    All-Star Western

    #11 in October 2012.


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