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    One of The Three Army Surgeons from the Grimm Brothers story of that name

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    One of The Three Army Surgeons from the Grimm story of that name, Swineheart works at the Knights of Malta Hospital in New York, where the Special Research Section is in fact a cover for the private Fables-only medical facility. Swineheart took charge of Snow White's recovery after she was shot in the head by Goldilocks during the abortive rebellion at the Farm, and also dealt with her extensively during her pregnancy with Bigby's children. A battlefield surgeon without peer, his services proved invaluable during the battle of Fabletown. He appears to have taken on some mundane attitudes, most likely because he deals with mundane patients as well as his work with the Fables, to the extent that he starts to suggest the possibility of abortion when Snow expresses her unhappiness about the scandal her pregnancy has resulted in. The appalled Snow stops him going any further, threatening to throw him out of Fabletown if he persists. He also tended to Boy Blue and many of those injured in the March of the Wooden Soldiers arc. He was also present in The Dark Ages, when Boy Blue's arm became infected and amupated it in hopes of stopping the infection. However, Boy Blue would soon die from the injuries despite his and Flycatcher's best assistance. He was also present when Beauty went into labor and helped deliver her and Beast's premature baby girl.

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    He appears in the game The Wolf Among Us by Telltale Games.


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