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The most powerful being in the Amalgam Universe, Doctor Strangefate would do anything to prevent its destruction. When the two keys controlled by Access separate the two universes (Marvel and DC), Dr. Strangefate refuses to let the world he has created get destroyed. Jade Nova, Skulk and White Witch were then recruited by Strangefate to prevent the separation, but the separation still happened. It was later shown that Strangefate survived and was deep within Doctor Strange's psyche. He manipulated Strange to create cross-dimensional incursions. Batman and Access found out about the problems and attempted to stop it. Strangefate, in an effort to restore the Amalgam Universe, combined the X-Men and the Justice League of America and sent them to defeat Access. Access survived and he defeated Doctor Strangefate. To make sure Strangefate would never threaten both worlds again, Doctor Strange stored the Amalgam Universe in a pocket dimension.

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